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  1. Hello All pre-PA students! We know how difficult the application process for PA school can be, and we are hoping to make it just a little easier. Loma Linda University is holding their 3rd annula pre-PA conference to help prospective students learn more about the profession, application process, and our program. Spend the day with Faculty, local PAs, alumni, and current students! Our main speaker for this event is Tony Adkins PA-C or more popularly known as the "dancing doc". We will be hosting ultrasound and intubation skills labs as well as several information sessions pertaining to writing your personal statement, how to ace the interview, general Q&A, and profession information. The goal is to show you how to become a competitive applicant! DON'T MISS THIS AMAZING OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN ABOUT APPLYING TO PA SCHOOL! LLU PA Program Admission Representatives will be in attendance. Past attendees have been accepted to LLU's PA program. Refreshments will be provided, and there will also be raffle prizes given away every hour! Visit our eventbrite page for additional information and tickets! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/llus-3rd-annual-pre-pa-conference-registration-85925681025
  2. DON'T MISS THIS AMAZING OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN ABOUT APPLYING TO PA SCHOOL! Greetings Future PA! You are invited to the 3rd Annual Pre-PA Conference at Loma Linda University! Spend the afternoon with Faculty, PAs, and the Classes of 2020 & 2021 for workshops, ultrasound & intubation skills labs, and information sessions designed to guide your path to becoming a Physician Assistant. Come learn more about this profession and let us show you how to create a competitive application for PA school! LLU PA Program Admissions Representatives will be in attendance! Past attendees have been accepted to LLU's PA program. Lunch is complimentary and we will also be giving away prizes Visit our eventbrite page for additional information and tickets! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/llus-3rd-annual-pre-pa-conference-registration-85925681025
  3. Hello All, I am representing the class of 2021 and would like to invite you all to our 3rd official pre-pa conference. This will be an afternoon with faculty, current PAs, and the class of 2021. We will have ultrasound and intubation skills labs, and information sessions meant to guide you toward becoming a PA. There will be raffle prizes every hour, refreshments, and an our official speaker is Tony Adkins PA-C, the "dancing-doc". Please visit our website on eventibrite for tickets and additional information. eventbrite.com/e/llus-3rd-annual-pre-pa-conference-registration-85925681025 You are welcome to personal message me with questions about this event.
  4. For the writing portion, I would recommend to really know yourself. That way it is easier to answer the prompt. I think the point of this activity is for them to get to know you and the kind of person you are. I think they will read it before your panel interview so they are just getting a feel for you. Otherwise, they had several group activities where it is more of a group interview session with an activity. Then there is a panel interview (multiple interviewers and you). The interview did finish on time, so I think you will be fine. Also if you let Kandee know at the beginning of the day or even before, she is so wonderful. I am sure she will do what she can to get you out of there on time in order to make your flight.
  5. Yes we got a full tour during the interview with a lot of information about the program. We also got to talk to current students about the program which is very helpful when ultimately making a decision. I will say Jacksonville was awesome, and that made my decision a little harder! Not sure where you are from. I had several really good meals while I was there. The best place was called DOMU and it was an amazing little ramen spot!
  6. Also, I interviewed with 8 people on my interview day. Sorry I forgot that!
  7. I will be attending Loma Linda University. I decided to attend that program instead as they had much more sophisticated facilities with better resources. NSU jacksonville does not have cadavers, which was definitely a negative for me. In addition, they are not a part of a campus with a medical school, and their simulation resources are low. There is definitely a lack of inter-professional education. The program I chose has a huge cadaver lab, advanced simulation facilities, a university hospital on campus, and several other profession schools including a medical school. I really liked NSU at the interview as far as the vibe goes, but ultimately I chose where I thought I would get the best education. I also chose a program where I thought I would get the best clinical rotations.
  8. Hey, I am happy to answer interview questions if you would like to personal message me! I interviewed 2 years in a row, and got wait listed the first year and accepted the second year.
  9. The interview process an LLU was relatively intense. There was an essay portion and an exam. There were multiple interview portions, and you will have all of the above. Know your application and know yourself. The interview at LLU is very interactive, and they are really trying to get to know you. You can message me individually with additional questions if you have any.
  10. Your PCE may help you, but there are very few people who the schools do accept with low GPA's like this, so you would have to really stand out in the rest of your app. You have a great overall application. I would possibly retake GRE for a higher verbal score. I had a cgpa of 3.44 and that was low compared to most people who were accepted. A lot of people at my interviews had cumulative and science GPA >3.5
  11. I had 5 interviews, all with different formats and questions. The best way to excel in your interview is to know your application, and know yourself. Know what is important to you, why you want to do this career specifically, who you admire and why, and your general goals and aspirations. Know a lot about being a PA. If you don't already, that may be a negative because they want to know that you know what you are getting yourself into.
  12. I was not notified about interview for this program last year until December. My interview was in January, and I was accepted a couple days after the interview. I ended up attending another program, but if anyone has questions about the application and interview process of this school, you are welcome to message me.
  13. Last year, I got invited to interview in January. I submitted my application on June 1st! Don't get discouraged, you all have a lot of time to hear still. I am about to start in the current class. You are welcome to message with any questions about the application process.
  14. I would also say to not worry so much about your gpa stats. My cGPA was 3.44 and my science GPA was lower. My GRE cumulative was 306. I had great experience, amazing LOR, and a personal statement that I worked on a lot. I applied for the first time to 15 schools, and interviewed at 3. I got waitlisted at 2/3 and did not get in my first year. My second year applying, I got 6 interview invites (one of which I declined). I got accepted to 3 schools, and wait listed at 2. I met a lot of people at interviews who had a HUGE variety of gpa and experiences. If you have questions about the application process, you are welcome to message me on here.
  15. I ended up attending a different PA program, but I did interview and get accepted to this program. I submitted my application earl June.I was notified about an interview in November. The interview took place in December. I was notified of status a week after my interview. I was wait listed and later accepted in March.
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