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  1. Got the call as well. This is the happiest weekend for me and my family since my wedding, lolz!
  2. Got this response from Sara this morning "the admissions committee is meeting this week and you should be notified by no later than next week."
  3. 2-3 weeks after the interview, will everyone receive a call or only the accepted?
  4. Lolz, I know what you mean. I'm anxiously waiting to see if anyone interviewed got their results yet...
  5. That's what I got from the beginning so I think it's normal :)
  6. I didn't experience that. My portal didn't change until they gave me the option to pick interview date.
  7. Walking through the big door, were your rooms on the left or the right side?
  8. It would be an optimistic precedence for us if there are someone interviewed in Sept and heard from WesternU already :)
  9. I'm not sure. However, I originally signed up for the Sept interview but they called and rescheduled into yesterday. Do you know anyone interviewed in Sept and got accepted?
  10. I think yesterday was the 1st interview day.
  11. Yes, the longest 5 months in our life...
  12. I have just cancelled my Oct 20th appointment due to conflict with another school's interview. Hope this can be opened up on time for someone else. Good luck.
  13. Same here. 8/15. No invite email, just portal update.