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  1. Hey all! I’m a current student at Dominican and just wanted to give a heads up that this Friday the 17th and September 7th are planned to be the last interview dates. Also, as of now 17 of the 30 seats are filled. So still a good shot if you are interviewing these last 2 dates! If if you have any questions, feel free to message me! Good luck!
  2. I had received the text 2/21 and then on 3/1 I received a phone call to be offered a seat off the alternate list. However, I declined this seat since I am attending elsewhere. So they are calling people off the alternate list and I would assume it would be those that had received the text previously. Hope someone else enjoys my seat!
  3. After being waitlisted and then denied from the waitlist, I got an email today stating that a seat has opened up and that they want to know my level of interest and if I am interested that I will have a phone interview with the Program Director this week. Which makes me wonder that they offered this to multiple applicants and are interviewing them to pick one to fill the seat or if it means that if I am interested that I will get the seat but just have to speak with the Program Director to know what I would need to do in order to start in 2 weeks. Anyone have any insight?
  4. Personally, I would take this year to acquire more HCE and retake your classes. Your GPA isn't bad and will definitely get you in if you apply to the right schools. I applied for 4 cycles and got in my 4th cycle after getting my Master's. It was the best possible decision for me though considering I used it to get my GPAs above a 3.0 after retaking multiple science classes and getting about 10,000 hrs of HCE. It was the only next option to really continue to make me competitive and it showed as I get 7 interviews this cycle compared to only 1 the previous years. But your GPA is stronger so I would get more hours and apply and see how it goes. If you struggle getting interviews and don't get in, then reconsider a Master's. Why spend extra 40k if you don't even know how you'll do in an application cycle?
  5. I interviewed 10/13 and did not receive an email yet and my portal for my applicant checklist did not change either (from the AZ campus when the applicant checklist just changed it meant you were waitlisted)... Anyone else in the same boat?
  6. I am having the same issue. For me to cobra my insurance, it would be $460 a month, the cheapest marketplace plan is $300, I am meeting with the Medicaid office today to see what they say. In addition, although I am 27, I am seeing if either of my parents can add me to their insurance as an extenuating circumstance (still waiting to hear on this). I'll let you know how it all goes!
  7. I interviewed 8/4 and just got a call from Dr. Salcido that I have been accepted!!! So if you are waiting still, there's still hope!
  8. I just spoke to admissions and she stated that they have 2 more interview dates, November 3 and November 17. She said that the invites for November 17 will be sent out today or tomorrow and that no one has declined the interview for November 3 as of yet. She stated that once people decline the interviews, they will take people off the interview waitlist and that the closer to the interview date it is, they usually only call people from the Midwest within a 7hr driving radius as it is easier for them to make the interview date. So I wouldn't give up hope until mid November!
  9. At the interview on 10/13 they mentioned that they will be hosting interview through January, so I would say no news is good news at this point.
  10. Was told that I was an alternate and that they don't release the ranking. And I would hear any time from towards the end of interviews through the first week of class. So if your applicant checklist changed but your accepted student checklist did not change, I would say it's safe to say you are part of the alternate list.
  11. Yea, I have no idea what it means. I was going to call later today and see if they can give me an answer. I'll let you know!
  12. There's an additional section at the bottom for "Required Prerequisites" that has like all the required classes for prereqs and a Bachelor's degree on it now.
  13. I think everyone gets that email, I got it as well after interviewing on Tuesday. I think you can tell if your portal changes or not on whether you get accepted or waitlisted. Just my applicant checklist changed and not my accepted student checklist, so I am assuming I am waitlisted.
  14. When did you interview that you received that email. Or was that email in response to an email you sent them? Thanks!
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