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  1. Hi El! A lot of people have been telling me to not do anything before PA school but I have so much time on my hands! I don't mind studying a few stuff before schools starts. Any recommendations on stuff to brush up on? Thanks!
  2. There was no need for a letter. Just a statement like "Yes, I would like to be kept on the waitlist" or "no" was enough.
  3. You might hear back sooner! I was taken off the waitlist 1.5 weeks later. Good luck!
  4. Did anyone who interviewed on 9/30 hear back?? They said within 2 weeks right??
  5. Just cancelled my interview for 9/29! I hope that spot will be given to one of ya'll! Best of luck. Kay Denler is the sweetest
  6. congratulations on your acceptance! Where are you from? And when was the letter dated? Thank you!
  7. They did not say when interviews will be sent out. But I am thinking soon.
  8. Hi ya'll! I went to the Touro Info session this Monday and they said that they only started reviewing applications last week! Also, I was wondering for those who submitted their supplemental did you attach your unofficial transcripts? We don't have to if we already submitted them to CASPA, right? Thanks!
  9. For those accepted, how long of a time frame does Arcadia give you to decide on a spot/make the deposit? 2 weeks? Thank you!
  10. @futurePAinPA23 @Serenityslain Thank you both for the helpful advice! I greatly appreciate it! I'll try the best to be myself and convey why PA and why Arcadia :)
  11. For those that interviewed at the Glenside campus, do ya'll have suggestions/tips on how to prepare for the interview? It is only 15 minutes and I want to give it all I got! Was it mostly traditional style questions? And what was occurring when you weren't in the 15 min interview?
  12. That happened to me as well. I went back to fix the symbols and submitted my app after that. The school should be receiving the version without symbols
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