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  1. I Made the mistake of opening my email before driving home so I ended up sobbing all the way home and I’m sure cars were like is she okay.. I”M IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hi! Random question, do you remember approx how long it takes to hear back once interviews are complete?
  3. LOL same, havent heard back from her. Im assuming she got it
  4. Interviewing the 19th! There’s two days I believe. I’m so excited!! See you guys there
  5. LOL my heart just stopped when I get these two email notifications ??? and now I’m adding to it haha. Oh man
  6. Right, it’s defintely gonna be this week! I’m just freaking myself out by checking my email every two seconds ? I’ll chill out and go drink my coffee, lol!
  7. Anyone hear anything yet?? Maybe it’s still a little early
  8. Hi guys and PA admissions! I'm new to this website and am glad I found it. Was wondering if you could shed some light on how strong I would be as an applicant for the April 2018-2019 cycle. I have not yet calculated my science GPA, but my cumulative undergrad right now sits at a 3.75. I could potentially raise it higher when I graduate in the fall. I'm a CNA at a local hospital and am lacking hours, but if I really dedicate myself to it and work for the next 10-11 months, I could have around 1500-1600 hours by the time I apply. I just started gaining volunteer experience at an unders
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