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  1. Hey All, I'm a new physician assistant (1 year out of school) working in EM in Boston, MA. Love working in the ED but am looking to branch out and earn additional income through property investments. I'm wondering if anyone here has invested in commercial real estate and would be willing to provide me with some insight on the process. I have been considered investing in residential properties, but believe that commercial would be the better option and involve less financial risk. I'm essentially illiterate when it comes to investing, so if anyone out there has a story, e
  2. Do you have specific questions regarding the interview? If you've been doing your groundwork preparing, you should be fine.
  3. Yes, they should contact the applicants that are on the waitlist; a few of the students in our class were notified in mid-late October. There's still hope. Best of luck
  4. All acceptance offers are out - if not fulfilled, they go to the waitlist. Cheers
  5. Hey there, Current student in the program..at least half of the incoming class is full, but the administration is still conducting interviews for the remaining slots. Don't throw hope out the window yet. Some of the students in my class were interviewed as late as October. Cheers and Good Luck!
  6. The interviews at Tufts are incredibly laid back, but the director is old-school. They consist of 2 interviews with principle or adjunct members of the faculty (one-on-one), a presentation given by the program director and a student-lead tour of the academic buildings/labs and a brief walk through the medical center. Be professional at all times, even when with those students giving the tour - they do ask us for feedback about yall. Be prepared, just like any other interview. If it's in your application, be able to explain or discuss it confidently. Know why you're applying to be a PA an
  7. Current student with Tufts. Let me know if you have questions! Best of luck.
  8. Rejected! Ah, so bummed...top of my list. Good luck everyone! I'll be going to Tufts in January! Dan
  9. Verified 5/26. Invited for interview 6/21. Interviewed 7/13. Accepted 7/17! Good luck everyone!
  10. Hey there, Just interviewed this morning; it was laid back and the staff make you feel very comfortable during the process. I was asked a lot of questions about my application that were somewhat fitted to who I am as a candidate. I would definitely go through some of the basic/anticipated questions that you would anticipate at any program. You will sit through two interviews that are back to back, either at the beginning or end of the day. The student run tour lasts approximately one hour and you tour the facilities and classrooms that the students utilize on a day to day basis. All in al
  11. Afternoon everyone! Has anyone heard anything from Stanford? Even just a "receipt of application" email? Applied in late May and at this point have at least been contacted by my other programs. Please let me know! Good luck to everyone! Cheers, Dan
  12. Jgittz, Thank you for your insight! It is refreshing to know that the admissions team makes you feel at ease during the interview. Dan
  13. Interviewing on the 13th! Does anyone have any advice or information they would like to share regarding their interview experience? Anything appreciated. Good luck, everyone!
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