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  1. Was placed on the waitlist 08/30, received my acceptance today!
  2. @PA2595 reapplicant here— I’ve never heard that they’ve done that before. Last cycle, I received a rejection following my interview, this year I was added to the alternate list. Has anyone else heard that they aren’t sending rejections this cycle? Or has anyone heard of anyone receiving a rejection email? I know for their early admissions this cycle they did not initially send out rejections, instead they just added early admissions applicants to the regular admissions people.
  3. I was at the 08/23 interview! I received my email today stating I was on the waitlist!!
  4. Can anyone from the 08/19 interview let us know when they said you should be hearing back about admission decisions? I know that the earlier interviews were doing rolling interviews but have now been told that they will hear back by November 1st. Was wondering if the regular admission interviews would be hearing back within 2 weeks or also waiting to hear back by November 1st..
  5. Congrats and good luck!! When were you verified and when did Shreveport tell you your application was under review l?
  6. @evelyn6 congrats!! if you don't mind me asking, when was your application verified?
  7. I had the same issue and emailed them about it. Haven’t heard anything back.
  8. Received an invite to interview on August 23rd this morning!
  9. Received a similar e-mail today... "Thank you for your interest in the UAMS Physician Assistant Program. We have received your CASPA and UAMS Supplemental Applications. The UAMS PA Program requires the labs for Human Physiology, General Chemistry I and General Chemistry II. Have you taken these labs? Your application will be forwarded to the Review Committee for review." I responded with my course work details and class descriptions... hopefully they contact me back soon!
  10. Received my rejection e-mail today. Good luck to everyone!
  11. @girlsjustwannabePAs I got the same email after I turned in my supplemental!! And yes, I submitted my CASPA a few days before the supplemental! That was about 2 weeks ago.. still haven’t heard anything else!
  12. Got an e-mail that my application was under review on 06/29... it says to allow 7-14 business days but based on everyone else, I'm hoping to hear back sooner! Good luck to everyone and congrats to those with interviews already!
  13. I received an e-mail from UAMS yesterday that they are processing my application and another with my GUS account information. Hopefully we start hearing back soon! Good luck to everyone.
  14. Anyone else heard anything back yet? Not feeling hopeful lol
  15. Just got another email from New Orleans.. they are changing interview dates from September to August!! So I’m guessing they’ll start sending interviews before August 1st??
  16. @copuckett I think it does go to everyone as long as they have reviewed your app!! I know, August seems like a lifetime away!
  17. Anyone heard anything back from the June interview? And I heard they were also having an interview in July.. any invites?
  18. Hey everyone! Just starting a topic for this application cycle. I was verified 06/17 and I received an e-mail 06/19 stating that my application was reviewed and invitations for interview will be sent out following the Aug 1st deadline. I'm a reapplicant for LSU New Orleans. Good luck to everyone!
  19. @mhuen Thanks for the information! Good luck to you also!
  20. I'm a reapplicant to FranU from the 2017 cycle. My application was verified on 6/17... hoping to hear back soon! Anyone know how many applicants were interviewed during the June interview?
  21. @iamplanetjanet yes! I ended up e-mailing tech the other day about the account... Sent in my supplemental app 6/17/2019. Good luck to everyone applying!
  22. I am a reapplicant from 2017 cycle, did not have an interview to USA last round though. Verified 06/17/2019!
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