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  1. I received an email too but I'm also waiting till I get out in about an hour to open it!! So nervous
  2. Congrats to all of you who have interviewed and have also heard back already! Does anyone mind sharing how long after receiving an "under review" email did they hear back about interviewing?!
  3. I still have not received the "under review" e-mail. Verified: 7/20 Supplemental: 8/18 myStar: 8/22 On myStar it says my application is complete with the green dot... should I contact the program and see what's up, or just hold off and hope for the best?
  4. Anyone know if the interview style this cycle is the same as the last cycle? I know last year they did like "speed dating" with multiple interviewers.
  5. I just received an email from Heather Lopez stating that my scheduled 9/20 interview had been moved to 10/20 due to "unforeseen circumstances." Anyone else get this email or have any idea why? I was really looking forward to my interview, I guess I'll just have to wait a little longer lol
  6. Does anyone know if they have sent out all of the interview invites? I submitted 07/20 and received notification from New Orleans that they had received my app same day. I haven't heard anything from LSU since though
  7. Last cycle they interviewed MMI, it could be different this time around though.
  8. I got my interview invite for 9/20 today!!
  9. I believe it was sometime early last year right when CASPA opened for the 2016-2017 cycle
  10. My app was verified Jul 20th and I never received an email from OLOL stating that they had received it? Anyone else in this boat and has not yet received confirmation that they have your app
  11. Is anyone else having trouble finding the supplemental app on the website?
  12. lgfraz

    2017-18 Application Cycle

    Just finished my app today!! Good luck to everyone

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