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  1. I completely understand, this wait is mentally exhausting (nothing compared to actual PA school xD) Stay strong and good luck :)
  2. Yea there is so much time, we probably won't hear from them until december-jan. for next interviews!
  3. I know I shouldn't be nervous about not hearing anything from them since this was only the first interview, I'm just praying that they will interview and accept me!!
  4. That is amazing! Congratulations! Would you mind sharing your stats? :)
  5. Wow congratz!! Good Luck on the Interview :)
  6. No not yet! I think it will be in October before they offer! :)
  7. Hope everyone is surviving the wait! only one more month until first interview takes place <3 Stay strong
  8. The lack of communication is making me so nervous, I hope they respond (positively) this week!!!
  9. Just got the email saying they will review applications starting OCTOBER, so eager but hope to hear good news haha
  10. I don't think there were any specific LOR requirements, I had 4 submitted because I need all of the good words that I can get but I'm sure 3 would be just fine!! I have heard nothing yet from this program despite the one email that told me that applications are being reviewed now and I have to wait for mine to come up next in line. I'm really hoping that I hear from them soon with some positive news, like an interview haha! good luck with everything :)
  11. How long did your GRE take, I'm on day 14 and My scores still aren't reviewable!!
  12. Emailed today to check status and they have received all my materials but not I wait to be in line for review!.... the waiting is killing me!
  13. Perfect! Thank you so much for all of your help! :)
  14. Thank you so much for your help, This is my top choice school and I am so worried about my chances. I also do not know if I will be invited to interview because I haven't taken bio 2 specifically, Ive taken so many upper level biology courses and excelled. My HCE is over 2,800 hours! So nervous!!
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