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  1. I’m taking mine a week after graduation. I did well on PACKRAT a few months ago and have done well on my EOR’s, and my advisor and I feel comfortable with me taking it a week after I graduate. Any longer and I’d just be a ball of stress and anxiety. I’m ready to get it done
  2. Your school’s financial aid department should be able to help you with all of that. My school had a summer semester and the financial aid department told us what to do and when in order to get our money.
  3. I’ll be a 2019 PANCE taker as well, so I don’t know from any sort of experience, but I would worry too much about finding specifics to study that small section. Just continue to focus on the topics and study a broad range from Qbanks and I’m sure you’ll be fine. At least, that’s my plan
  4. I really appreciate everyone replying and offering their experiences. I’ll be actually interviewing with this practice next week (since they’re reimbursing my travel expenses, I have nothing to lose by going to interview). I hope that if they do offer me the position, I’m able to show them the salary report and negotiate a fair salary. I understand how busy and demanding rural primary care can be, but I’m up for the job. The call to work in a rural primary practice is why I’ve pursued being a PA. This position and the environment (good for teaching) and location really seems to be an answer to what I’ve been praying for (except for the salary obviously). I hope I can find a way to make it work, but if not, I’m ok with turning down an unfair offer
  5. This particular concern has been taken care of, as they’ve offered to reimburse my travel expenses to come for an interview
  6. I haven’t brought up pay. I had a phone call with the practice manager yesterday, and she mentioned salary. I have a phone call tonight with the main doc, and then they want to bring me for an interview. It’s out of state, and would require cost for me to travel, so that’s why I was trying to balance if the mentioned salary was worth the travel
  7. I’m not sure why it won’t let me actually post my reply comment. My phone is acting funky
  8. I’m trying to not be desperate, even though I hate the uncertainty that looms after graduation!
  9. I know I could always try and negotiate a better salary if offered a contract, but I don’t know how much more I can reasonably ask for or expect
  10. I was a CNA/unit clerk for 4 and a half years. The HRSA score for the site is 17, and the manager said that all their providers who have applied for loan repayment have received it
  11. I’m a soon to be new grad PA looking to work in rural primary care, hopefully getting loan repayment through NHLRP. I just spoke with a rural private practice that sounds great: super PA friendly, starts you off slow as a new grad and let’s you become busier as you feel comfortable. The main doc is very open to teaching and your questions. Good vacation, CME, etc. But the kicker: they start salary at 70 K, which is WAY below what I would be willing to accept. They say they reevaluate this every 6 months as you become busier and more productive, and their PAs usually make in the 90K range after a couple years. My question: should I reevaluate my salary expectations for a rural practice? Or should I just forget about this practice and keep looking?
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