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  1. We have been calling all the next day patients and screening for any symptoms of illness, and if they meet “criteria” we will be isolating them pending visit with a provider. And all patients that call wanting to be seen for an illness are again heavily screened by the RN (or myself) to see if they should show up at all or just home quarantine. We had an emergency office meeting yesterday, and we’ve put in places the best protocol we can, given the information we have available
  2. I’m a family med PA in WA (less than an hour south of where 9 COVID deaths have been). I’ve found the state public health response here to be beyond unhelpful. Current criteria for possible COVID? Fever, cough, SOB. This fits all the cold and flu viruses going around currently. They’re telling people to go to their PCP rather than ER if they have symptoms, like us PCPs know some special information to rule out/rule in COVID. The public health department has given us zero information or further guidance on who to test or how to triage. We’re a private practice, 2 provider office. We’re WAY less equipped to deal with this sort of situation compared to a large hospital with an infection control department. Had a patient yesterday who worked in the area it’s been spreading, and had all the aforementioned symptoms. We put the patient in our makeshift isolation room and my MA and I got all gowned up. Called public health and their reason not to test: patient doesn’t have current fever (she took Tylenol to bring down fever earlier in the day) and isn’t sick enough to be hospitalized. Doesn’t really rule it out in my mind, but we did what we could.
  3. FM in Tacoma...just waiting for the first patient to call thinking they’ve caught it
  4. I’ve tested 3 in my office (Washington state), but they’ve all been negative so far
  5. I’m a new grad working in family medicine and I’ve quickly learned that rashes and similar skin complaints are my weakest area. Anyone have any good resources or books to read in order to be better at identifying rashes? Thanks!
  6. ak004

    Licensing Timeline

    I’m in the Tacoma area. I found my job through a recruiter
  7. Old navy pixi ankle pants in various colors with blouses to go along. Many of the girls in my class wore these pants. They’re flattering, comfortable and come in tons of colors for versatility. And relatively cheap!
  8. ak004

    Licensing Timeline

    Update: if you lean on them a little (I think my new manager called the commission and yelled at someone), you’ll get your license and delegation agreement approved in a week!
  9. Just want to say to fellow new grads: this isn’t a blanket statement. If you’re willing to move, finding a job is easy. I had 2 offers in 2 different states (both in family med) MONTHS before I graduated. I accepted one and start in a couple weeks, no residency needed. If however, you want a specific area/specialty, yes, having a residency under your belt may make it easier. But I know how statements like this worried me prior to graduation, and it turned out not to be the case
  10. ak004

    Licensing Timeline

    Well that’s great. We made my start date based on the website info at the time I accepted the job (average time for processing approximately 45 days). It seems that info is out of date
  11. Just curious to hear from WA PAs: how long did it take to get your license? I’m a new grad and had all my documents in a couple weeks ago, and still haven’t heard anything. My new job is supposed to start in 3 weeks and I’m starting to get concerned, and getting anyone on the phone at the medical commission office seems to be impossible. Thanks!
  12. Rosh subscriptions expires 12/27/2019 Boost exams as follows: ER expires 9/16 IM expires 12/01 Gen surg expires 2/25/2020 Women’s health expires 3/31/2020 $150 for all of it OBO DM if interested
  13. I’m curious, how had you scored on PACKRAT and EOR exams prior to taking PANCE the first time?
  14. I know this is a topic that’s been covered in the past, but seeing as how PANCE has fully been revamped this year, and with the rumors that passing rates are way down (confirmed by my program), I’m curious to hear from those who have taken it this year. I know you can’t give anything away, but how did it compare to your PACKRAT scores? Did questions from Kaplan/ROSH/etc feel adequate? I’m trying to calm my own nerves down as I have just under 2 months until my test!
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