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  1. I am not considering a masters in pa studies i have a bachelors in pa studies and i’m practicing without restrictions. I am deciding between health administration and public health and seeking if there are any other good ideas or which one i should persue.
  2. I am a new PA working in thoracic surgery. I feel as though I am having some trouble managing patients post op mostly with cardiac meds and acute complications specific per surgery. Any recs for good books to read/review that are somewhat simple and breaks things down well? Thanks!
  3. I have received a bachelor's degree in PA students and am currently practicing. I am looking for advice on what I should get my masters in. Was thinking health administration. Thoughts?
  4. Hello all! I am a practicing physician assistant just 6 months out of school from a bachelor's in PA studies. I want to get my masters but unsure of whether to go with health administration route or public health route. Not sure which one would mean what for me and what are my options to grow professionally. I just need some opinions and guidance. Thanks everyone.
  5. I have my license and NPI number! how do i apply for a DEA number? can anyone post the link, having trouble. thanks!!
  6. Congratulations!   Contact your PA program.  They should walk you through what you have to do.

  7. Hi Everyone, I just graduated in July and passed my boards in July. I am really confused about the license process, I handed in the forums to the NCCPA but some of my classmates are talking about DEA and NPI number? What are the steps after passing boards for licensure, I sent my pass to NYS but not sure what other steps i need to be taking before starting a job. thanks!
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