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  1. Title 42, Chapter 6A, Subchapter V, Part F, Sec. 295p of the Federal Code states that the term ”allied health professionals” means a health professional (other than a registered nurse or physician assistant) who has not received a degree of doctor of medicine, a degree of doctor of osteopathy, a degree of doctor of dentistry or an equivalent degree, a degree of doctor of veterinary medicine or an equivalent degree, a degree of doctor of optometry or an equivalent degree, a degree of doctor of podiatric medicine or an equivalent degree, a degree of bachelor of science in pharmacy or an equivale
  2. Thank-you for your detailed posting. I am interested in how the thread pans out. I wager this is a combination of the individual MDs you work with as well as the cultivated work environment with plenty of counter and similar examples to be found.
  3. holy shit Ask them to write in a 50k payout to you for early termination. When they don't, run. If they do, still run.
  4. I said from jump I generally agreed with your stance on the clinical utility of the test. Your last paragraph clearly indicates you are not reading the posts and there is no need to continue.
  5. This is the product you mentioned earlier. A single product. These are the characteristics of that product. If you use that product, this information has value to you. If you do not, I do not recommend making decisions based on data from that product. If you do not know what your lab uses, I suggest investigating, rather than assuming the worst. Superior strep testing exists and it would be negligent to not at least be aware of what tools are available to you. Dismissing all strep testing as poorly sensitivity, 50-50 guesses is poor practice.
  6. I don't know what that means. You appear under the impression that all rapid strep tests have poor sensitivity? I think the products you are referring to are old and / or cheap, possibly discontinued, Regan cold-war era overstock. Maybe check the expiration date when you run your next one. Decent rapid strep tests no longer require a culture to confirm due to high sensitivity, which was quite a shift in paradigm. If you are still using one of those that do, then I understand the quandary. On top of that, the utility of a test is a different topic, of course.
  7. Culture is not the only method for identification of pathogens. Every hospital system in the top 10 can likely ID it. I can vouch for one. It should also be stated that sensitivity and specificity of various RSTs differs significantly. I wouldn't want anyone to assume that their lab's RST is a "50 50" or even close without personally investigating it.
  8. I generally agree with the sentiments you have expressed, but this is a bit exaggerated.
  9. Clearly you are correct here, however without a carefully tailored example or two, I don't feel it refutes the author's bold claim. Can you design two patients that differ only by weight in which one would receive laboratory testing and one would not?
  10. Don't read news articles summarizing research. The insane biases and twisted interpretations generated by journalists who read primary literature is extremely well documented.
  11. Medical schools unattached to teaching hospitals also have issues with placement, malignant mentors / preceptors / attendings, and sub-par rotations. These same issues extend into residency. Most anecdotes likely involve the malignant community-based IM programs that will work you to death with the provision of zero education and oversight.
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