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  1. I feel it is enormously unlikely that any given PA program cares about where you went to obtain an RN license. The RN license, as you have said, likely opens the most doors of any health care certification / license you might obtain.
  2. OP has an important question about whether or not the work he or she is doing is legal. This is a complicated question that cannot be easily answered by the average forum reader. Laws governing this type of work are state specific and this position sounds very unique. States can be very selective about the work and duties that they allow or disallow to be taught to non-medical / non-nursing staff. Discovering the answer to this will require you do some digging into your local laws. I think the PA you shadowed has done you a great favor by asking this question to prepare you for future dis
  3. Cannot interpret labs properly without clinical correlation, no different than any other diagnostic.
  4. You are... not getting it. Let me put this in a different way. I have two bars near my house. At one bar, the same five idiots are always arguing politics with everyone who walks in the door. You make up two of those idiots. And the news is playing way too loud on all the TVs. At the other bar, there is a distinct lack of you five idiots (you're two of them) always arguing politics with everyone who walks in the door. And the TV plays football. Guess which bar is more successful? And guess which bar is more likely to successfully discuss issues relating to the PA profession? You are so bu
  5. The reason you (and your squad of internet pals) are disenfranchising your potential user base is because no one plans on coming to paforum, a site masquerading as a professional site, to read the inane social commentary which you manage to hammer into every corner of the site. The content to noise ratio here is so low, it's really not worth the trip. This site is garbage in, garbage out, and we need only look at the top posters to understand why that is.
  6. This forum only serves two purposes. 95% of the traffic are pre-PA hopefuls who leave and never look back. The remaining 5% are a handful of hard rights who tank every 3rd thread by expressing distaste for enhanced practice rights while trolling every AAPA tread with Ben Carson mumbo jumbo and complaining about RNs, SJWs, the deep state, and the ACA. This forum is potentially one of the biggest roadblocks to change facing the profession today as it systematically disenfranchises a few hundred new members each year.
  7. I'd love to see your notes from didactic year.
  8. The blueprint only contains broad topics. Are you suggesting that the management of any given clinical condition listed on the blueprint is to be answered on the exam utilizing guidelines from 1994?
  9. Are you really implying that didactic year hasn't added material in 26 years and the PANCE hasn't changed in nearly 3 decades to represent current practice?
  10. The prerequisite knowledge base an individual must acquire today prior to becoming a provider is about 50 fold greater than what you had to assimilate 25 years ago. Trying to compare programs / curricula pushing 3 decades apart is insanity.
  11. As was mentioned earlier, the ABX tested is a function of the organism. Ampicillin and amoxicillin have value in the treatment of Enterococci. Amox and Amox/Clav are also first line agents, among others, for UTI in pregnancy, as I recall.
  12. Maybe it's just me, but looking at a distinctly different profession and saying, "At least I'm not that guy" just isn't very compelling.
  13. Has it been decided with confidence that the mass is lymphoma? Lymphoma is a broad, heterogeneous category, conclusions regarding rate of growth are unlikely from a statement of "lymphoma".
  14. Solution (Ofirmev Intravenous) 10 mg/mL (100 mL): $45.02 Tablets (Acetaminophen Oral) 325 mg (100): $1.86 / 500 mg (100): $2.61 (among much variation) Bio-availability is surely faster than PO and would bypass a first pass hepatic effect. Anecdotally, have heard it is "great" - restricted formulary to post-op only at my institution.
  15. Wikipedia describes psychologist as a protected term in the US, however surely not every -ologist is protected, nor necessarily implies an MD.
  16. I feel it is unfair to denigrate Lynchburg coursework as "fluff" simply because the program and the coursework is not purely clinical. The mission statement of the program is quite clear.
  17. Yes, I am ok with these things. So are MDs, with caveats, as they allow FMGs to take the Steps.
  18. Does your opinion change if said FNP could confidently and definitively pass the exam required for those specialties?
  19. Reviewing the titles of courses is not a functional way to compare curricula for a myriad of reasons.
  20. I feel you should take a good, hard, honest look as to why you are taking screenshots of conversations you are having with an internet stranger and smearing them around websites you have bookmarked.
  21. I think a clinical doctorate is important for NPs and PAs. However PharmDs, DPTs, and PsyDs have more successfully identified a niche within the clinical world in which they can achieve a doctorate degree that contains information not found within MD training. NPs and PAs have not. NPs have tried to emulate what PharmD's and DPT's have done by emphasizing research methods within the DNP. I guess that works relatively fine for anyone who wants to perform healthcare delivery research, but that is a relatively small group. Most NP's would prefer a stronger clinical option. Given the pattern
  22. Generally speaking, any given RN program is more likely to forgive this and there are far more RN programs available to apply to. The more "popular" an organization is, the less likely an indiscretion will be overlooked, the more likely they accept only the perfect, pristine candidate.
  23. Given the position you have described, you likely fulfill the HCE requirement for 98% of all programs. Even if the percentile is much lower, you have clearly done something a bit special, directly with patients, that requires significant expertise combined with significant responsibility. You will find programs who are passionate about the role you have played in healthcare. Perhaps you did not have an opportunity to accurately describe your role to this admission rep - or they are simply clueless, reading from a scripted list of "acceptable" HCE, without the ability to integrate new in
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