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  1. After the first line treatment, and frankly - even for first line treatment, chemo for pancreatic cancer is essentially witches brew. It is palliative and adverse effects often flat out kill. A post-chemo patient with stage IV pancreatic cancer at any time whatsoever can be septic and dead in 24 hours. I am absolutely not surprised that RBG passed quickly, that is status quo for what she had.
  2. You're nuts, and you're moaning about "shotgun" approaches not a half page back.
  3. ******* this isn't the Huddle. It's YOUR huddle. And I have no doubt that what you really want is "engagement" with your bad faith arguments and propaganda. "Just like HIV...." - "Public health = Politics by definition..." or whatever else is running around your facebook feed this week.
  4. You have numerous posts on the forum clapping your own back for not being the Huddle regarding moderation, but you took the time to follow me around the forum yesterday deleting, pruning, locking and unlocking threads in support of your little buddy. It would not surprise me at all if this was largely your doing, although you are only one of the mods in his fan club, you consistently appear the most prone to forum manipulation to assist his cause. Your invisible hand in moderation definitely needs called out on this because you absolutely do not adhere to any semblance of "transparency" in mod
  5. Again, accurate descriptions don't matter to this guy. And by the way, moderators are actively pruning and manipulating threads to support this horseshit.
  6. You provided an incorrect definition of public health. Anyone who appreciates medicine should understand the importance of being exact when it comes to basic terminology.
  7. Both false. The definitions of these terms are easily Googled. That you would inappropriately link them is the problem in a nutshell.
  8. /r/residency is populated by the whiniest bunch of quasi-incompetents of any professional forum on reddit. It's a post-MD SDN-like trash forum for people who just now realized they are trapped in a 7+ year pyramid scheme designed to funnel cash into attendings.
  9. Indications for testing, including asymptomatic patients: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/testing-overview.html
  10. This is an absurd statement, a massive false equivalence, and a huge part of the problem to begin with. And your compulsion to denigrate statements against racism as virtue signalling is exactly proof of that.
  11. The 1200 bed hospital I work for now requires a surgical mask to be worn for all patient encounters. They want one mask worn for the entire shift. This both protects patients and providers from asymptomatic transmission.
  12. Testing Progress After 2 months of setbacks, COVID-19 diagnostics in the US finally got a win. A new test, just approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, can deliver COVID-19 results within minutes and can be used at the point of care in hospitals, urgent care centers, and physicians' clinics. Abbott Laboratories, which created the test, says they can begin distribution of the tests next week and plans to manufacture 50,000 of the tests per day.
  13. https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/927453
  14. It will change the mind of a slice of them. How big that slice is depends on how this all shakes out in the end. The greater the severity, the more of us that lose parents and grandparents, a healthy dose of the primal fear of plague and contagion, will shock many of them to their very core beliefs.
  15. PA programs needed this kick in the ass to put lectures online. Ain't nobody got time to listen to Mr. Mumbles at 1x real life speed.
  16. I have read it is a nasopharyngeal rRT-PCR. This type of test generally suffers from moderate sensitivity with excellent specificity.
  17. This statement is incongruent with the definition of epidemiology. And the government plays a large role in public health, unless we choose to neglect that role.
  18. I don't want to get it, but at least my kids are in the 1-9 year range of extremely low mortality and my wife and I are non-HONDAs. I am curious, though, how the social landscape will be changed over the next 4 years after the great Goodnight, boomer has run its course.
  19. You're taking this too far. The proper response is correction with information, if that is the case, not interpreting this as a "jump" or "reason" for anything at all.
  20. Do European countries universally recognize each other's physicians? This question might need discussed with the individual nation you are considering working in. But if they don't recognize a PA anyway, seems they won't recognize any aspect of it.
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