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  1. Yup, get ready: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMcibr2111445
  2. Yes, marijuana fits several definitions of a 'drug'.
  3. It's obvious to everyone, but a third-ish of the country just really doesn't give a shit and / or owning the "libs" is just more important to them.
  4. The medical professional subreddits on Reddit are exploding with frustration. I fear for the sanity of the medical community if we continue on the current trajectory.
  5. Sure. One example involves creating an "other" group for the purposes of actively persecuting them. The second example involves creating a group for entirely different purposes, but it does feed your persecution complex. Take your mod upvote, too, wink wink nudge nudge.
  6. No, it is not the same, but it is advantageous for you to attempt to link them.
  7. You should be more than capable of answering this on your own and god help your patients if you can't.
  8. Further crediting Trump with warp speed may increase vaccine hesitancy among the many demographics that he dedicated his presidency to antagonizing through violence of uncertainty and promotion of both structural and overt racism. Furthermore, many of the individuals who enjoy hearing him credited with warp speed are already aware of this claim. I doubt repeating it to them will benefit anyone, but if you want to perform a secret handshake in your office with a wink wink nudge nudge trumpy trump to get people vaccinated, so be it.
  9. ACOG says those who are pregnant or lactating should get the COVID vaccine: https://www.acog.org/clinical/clinical-guidance/practice-advisory/articles/2020/12/covid-19-vaccination-considerations-for-obstetric-gynecologic-care
  10. Give us the hypothetical H&P and we'll bite. Medicine is complicated and no simple list of contraindications can replace a complete assessment and shared decision making.
  11. Per a recent article from NEJM, experts recommend vaccination against COVID after having COVID due to a tremendously amplified immune response across several important measured parameters of immunity.
  12. I see. So in this thread, you have made up your own definitions of ill-informed, un-informed, vaccine hesitancy, psychopath, and herd immunity. Clearly, you are obfuscating and backtracking into semantics at this point, so again, I refer you to the literature to acquire a basic working vocabulary on the subject. You are neither ill-informed nor a psychopath, you are simply evidence hesitant, which is hilarious, given the argument you are trying to make.
  13. So you are "familiar" with the research, but you somehow come to your own, completely inappropriate, conclusion - one which is not supported by the body of evidence. The paradoxical behavior of coming to the opposite conclusion when presented with evidence is a significant contributor to the phenomenon of vaccine hesitancy in a nutshell.
  14. It just got real up in here right now, ya'll, I can't even
  15. You would benefit from reading studies describing the beliefs held by those with vaccine hesitancy and the relative success seen with various strategies to combat it. NEJM is a good source.
  16. This does not characterize the current body of evidence regarding vaccine hesitancy.
  17. Thank-you for clearly sharing with us the lies that you tell yourself every day to justify your belief system.
  18. Rolling here with you seriously thinking that there are hundreds of right wing boomers visiting this site with the hope of finding like minded right wing boomers with which to share their latest facebook meme's and Cucker Tarlson slogans.
  19. Please stop posting random journalism articles you find while surfing the web. This is not your personal social media network.
  20. Please stop posting daily journalism articles from your Facebook feed. This is not your personal social network.
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