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  1. The original story here seems to be changing quite a bit over time as the inflammatory nature of it is sparking continued investigation and interest. At play, in part, is possibly a translation issue, and intentionally inflammatory phrasing by pseudo-news outlets. It seems likely that neither euthanasia nor physician assisted suicide occurred here. The individual stopped eating and drinking and a decision was made not to pursue force feeding.
  2. Normal rbc / microliter are ~5 million. There are issues with a white count at 500k, but patients can be relatively ok or nearly dead.
  3. I don't have time to read this now, but: https://www.uspharmacist.com/article/generic-substitution-laws
  4. Perhaps contact your state pharmacy board.
  5. Avoid applying to this troll's program.
  6. In your efforts to construct this new all inclusive question, I suggest researching the topic. You are unlikely to invent a good strategy in the vacuum of your own thoughts.
  7. Great anecdote. I would possibly suggest that the charting here may have likely lead to a loss as well.
  8. This is incorrect. It can be proven that for some vaccines the vaccine produces a superior immune response compared to active disease. The easiest example here is TT in which disease does not induce an immune response while the vaccine does. This is not an immunology 101 topic, but an application level topic, which may be why you are unfamiliar with it.
  9. Double down strategy - a lack of competition / presence of pseudo-competition in healthcare means we can fix it by promoting competition (which we don't do, no body tries to do, no evidence that we should do so, or even can do). The healthcare industry has exactly defeated competition by both nature and design.
  10. Yeah, except the guy just got quoted a competitive salary with VA benefits on top. I am sure you have another great one liner for that, too, though. What program do you sit on for admissions?
  11. Generally speaking, individuals who inherently agree with a statement don't bother asking for more evidence. I'll take the evidence bell over whatever you are trying to sell here any day.
  12. Probably doesn't matter. This'll be the new headline across the forum for the next year, implicit nods from mods and all.
  13. These programs are here to stay. The students will pass PANCE - and if medical schools are a functional example, self directed learners do better on exit exams. The graduates will find employment across the entire nation with the same relative ease as every other PA. The majority of hiring managers do not care about and will not ask about online programs. Graduates will not emblazon the top of their resume with the word "online". Graduates will occasionally choose to emphasize being a Yale graduate while remaining immersed in the culture of the local community to which they are applying. They are a natural hire for the organizations they will have rotated through across the entire country, as opposed to cloistered about some med school like so many monks. Please consider concerns expressed here regarding regarding "total hours" spent in the physical exam lab in context. Think for a moment what learning medicine was like 30 years ago. MRI's were not widely available. Statins had not yet been invented. Metformin wasn't available in the US. PCR not developed. How much cell biology do you exactly think was understood? What laboratory results do you think the average lab was capable of providing in under 8 hours? Can you imagine how stark the hospital formulary must have appeared? To be frank - those students had to spend their days, weeks, and months in physical exam - there honestly wasn't much else available to them. Physical exam maneuvers, by the way, many of which have been shell shocked by modern investigations, largely revealed to produce results equivalent to guessing. By some estimates, the knowledge bank required to practice medicine grows exponentially every 5 years. This is why PA/NP residencies exist today and will be required in the near future when the PA of the 60's graduated from an associates program.
  14. I can guarantee ERMEGERD will paint the brightest picture imaginable of his / her prior schooling.
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