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  1. Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone knows what specific areas students live in? I'm from Michigan so I'm pretty clueless about CO lol
  2. She told me they're still finalizing details so it most likely won't go out until Monday!
  3. I missed the call and was left a voicemail! I'll also be there on September 27!
  4. can i ask when you submitted? i still haven't heard back either and it's been awhile. good luck on your interview!
  5. I got an interview invite but declined so hopefully it opens up a spot for someone else! Good luck everyone!
  6. Thanks that's so good to hear! I'm interviewing next week and it's my first interview so I'm just super nervous!
  7. For everyone who just interviewed how did it go?
  8. Got an interview invite for October 20th! Submitted 6/22 so they definitely took their sweet time with the "4-6 weeks" lol
  9. Got the call to interview today and I picked 9/20!
  10. congrats!! can i ask when you submitted?
  11. congrats!! can i ask when you were verified?
  12. Just got the supplemental and I was verified on June 16th
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