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  1. Hey Ya'll, I was wondering what peoples opinion was if it is too late for me to apply to this program? Thanks.
  2. I appreciate the response. Good luck to you! I have hope we will both get in!
  3. Hello All, I am hoping for some advice/feedback/encouragement. I have had 4 interviews and placed on the waitlist at all 4. I feel as if I interview well and I am not sure why I am not getting any acceptances. The only thing I can think of that it is due to my mediocre GPA and C's in general chemistry. I have read the "How to "ace" the Physician Assistant School Interview" and make sure to research the schools I am interviewing at. I believe that I am prepared and have good, thoughtful answers to interview questions. I am still waiting to hear back from 9 or so schools but do not currently have any upcoming interviews. I would appreciate any advice you may have on how I can better prepare for hopefully more interview invites in the near future or how to deal with the anxiety from having to wait. My Stats are as follows: Overall GPA 3.40, Science GPA 3.20, Average PreReq GPA ~3.40. PCE: ~3500 hours as an AEMT at an all volunteer rescue squad, ~1000 hours as a Scribe at a community ED. GRE: Verbal 153 (61%), Quantitative 153 (51%), and Analytical Writing 4.5 (82%). LOR: 2 from PAs, 1 from MD (OMD at the rescue squad), 1 from PhD my Biology Professor, and 1 from the Chief at the rescue squad. Thanks in advance!
  4. I also received an email saying I was waitlisted. Interviewed 9/29.
  5. There were 23 of us total I think and I am not sure how many were out of state. But I do know there were many more people from out of state than in state.
  6. Just got an email informing me that I was placed on the waitlist.
  7. I also got placed on the alternate list. Hoping for good news soon because I would absolutely love to go to Shenandoah.
  8. Just received an email inviting me for an interview on September 7th! Anyone else going to be there?
  9. Strange. I didn't get an email about an admissions counselor... I hope that's not a bad thing.
  10. I haven't heard anything yet. Hoping that doesn't mean anything but I can't say I feel confident. Would really love to hear good news. Good luck everyone!
  11. Got an email this afternoon inviting me to interview on September 15th!
  12. That is what I was thinking also. I really just wanted to hear it from someone else to help calm my nerves! Goodluck today!
  13. Hey y’all, i was reviewing the schedule for the interview tomorrow and was wondering if anyone could confirm that I am understanding it right. It starts at 10:30am at the main campus and then at some point we drive ourselves to the medical center? Any ideas how long the first part lasts? Thanks!
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