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  1. I was originally scheduled to interview on November 1st but just gave up the spot as I will be accepting a seat at another program. Hopefully this frees it up for someone!!! Good luck everyone!
  2. Wait.....secondary for Center city? I didn’t see that there was a secondary.
  3. I submitted and was verified the 2nd week of June and have yet to hear anything from Rutgers. Is this a bad sign?
  4. Is it okay to email them updates? I just completed Biochemistry and added some clinical hours. I didn't see anything in their email or on their site about not contacting them regarding updates.
  5. I played division 1 football for 4 years. Can this be added under the experiences section in CASPA? It really helped to shape me as a person and also the teamwork aspect of the PA profession is something that really appeals to me because of my background in the sport, so I think it should be included but just wanted to get input from others.
  6. Can someone please clarify for me.....are organic chemisty 1 AND 2 both required? Or can a general chemistry substitute. I currently have Organic Chemistry 1 and General Chemistry 1.
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