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  1. Contigo75

    PENNSYLVANIA: Penn State PA Program 2018-2019 Cycle

    Hi all, I just wanted to confirm. Is there a minimum grade to be achieved in the pre-requisite courses? I could not find anything.
  2. Can someone please clarify for me.....are organic chemisty 1 AND 2 both required? Or can a general chemistry substitute. I currently have Organic Chemistry 1 and General Chemistry 1.
  3. Contigo75

    Age of Pre-reqs

    I know that most programs have a cap of 10 years on pre-reqs. Is that counting from the year you took them, or the year you graduated undergrad. For example, I took Cell biology in Fall 2012 (Freshman year). Are they counting 10 years from 2012 or from 2016 when I graduated. I've remained active in the healthcare field and am still in community college and working on finishing some pre-reqs. Looking to apply this upcoming cycle.
  4. I know people have mentioned it in the thread....but anyone know of any good Microbio classes online w/ lab. Trying to avoid UNE cause I have heard awful things about it.

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