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  1. Is it okay to email them updates? I just completed Biochemistry and added some clinical hours. I didn't see anything in their email or on their site about not contacting them regarding updates.
  2. Hi all, So here is the scenario. There are 2 CC's by me that are offering Organic Chemistry 1 this fall. I am registered at CC#1 but may want to take it at CC#2 based on the professor who teaches. My question is: do I enter this into CASPA before verification? Example: If I enter it in CASPA it locks it and shows that I am set to take Orgo at CC#1, but what if I change right before the semester and take it at CC#2? Should I just leave it off and submit it as an update after my caspa is verified. I don't want to run into issues if I end up not taking it at that institution.
  3. I played division 1 football for 4 years. Can this be added under the experiences section in CASPA? It really helped to shape me as a person and also the teamwork aspect of the PA profession is something that really appeals to me because of my background in the sport, so I think it should be included but just wanted to get input from others.
  4. Actually just got it in the mail yesterday. Haven't taken a look at it yet as I want to work it into my study schedule along side Magoosh....But what are your thoughts on it? Pretty comprehensive and easy to understand explanations? How did you feel about the quant section going into it?
  5. Already read through the official ETS guide and the math still isn’t sticking. I don’t know if it’s just too early to gauge or I genuinely won’t ever know the info
  6. Hey all, So I started studying for the GRE earlier this month. I subscribed to Magoosh and have been using their 3 month plan and am currently finishing week 2. I'm REALLY struggling with the Quant sections. I'm talking like the basic math concepts. I know that it is fairly early in prep to be freaking out, but I am basically getting every single quant question wrong. I'm not dumb....I just didn't take school seriously from elementary school through high school (when you learn basically all the math topics on the GRE) and now it's biting me in the butt. I'm planning on taking the GRE the second week of April and applying this cycle as well. Is this enough time to study? Has anyone experienced similar sentiments about this section and if so, how did you overcome it? Does Magoosh get better? My goal is a 305 for the 2 part. Verbal I am not concerned about. So many questions and uncertainties. I could really use some advice and support.
  7. Hi all, I just wanted to confirm. Is there a minimum grade to be achieved in the pre-requisite courses? I could not find anything.
  8. Can someone please clarify for me.....are organic chemisty 1 AND 2 both required? Or can a general chemistry substitute. I currently have Organic Chemistry 1 and General Chemistry 1.
  9. I know that most programs have a cap of 10 years on pre-reqs. Is that counting from the year you took them, or the year you graduated undergrad. For example, I took Cell biology in Fall 2012 (Freshman year). Are they counting 10 years from 2012 or from 2016 when I graduated. I've remained active in the healthcare field and am still in community college and working on finishing some pre-reqs. Looking to apply this upcoming cycle.
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