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  1. Congratulations! Were you notified by email? Also, anyone from interview 12/15 heard anything back yet?
  2. Hi! I got an email yesterday asking me if I was still interested in the program but no offer yet.
  3. I just got an invite today. Was able to get in Oct 1st. Good luck!!
  4. Hello Everyone, Since is almost time to apply for this cycle, though I should start a discussion for this year. Anyone knows interview dates?
  5. Anyone know of any PA programs that would take technical/trade school credits?
  6. That is what I thought, you just never know until you try. All it takes is that one person to look at your application and give you a chance. I have over 10,000 hours of direct patient care which it will help me hopefully. I did receive the supplemental and they have everything they need. Did you get in on your first try?
  7. Go for it! If you have the resources to pay for it. You never know, there are so many variables to getting in that who knows you may be more qualified than other applicants. You will never know until you try, be positive and if you get rejected you will know what to improve next time. I will give it your best at this point. Good luck!
  8. I actually applied to the PA campus, I was just asking since I saw ur post on the PA thread as well. I haven't gotten an interview invitation. I applied the beginning of this month since I wasn't planning to apply until next year but I'm just giving it a try. I have nothing to lose other than +$300. lol Congratulations by the way!!
  9. How long did you guys wait from the time you submitted your application till interview invitation? For interview do they send you a letter, call you or email? I submitted my application 10/1/2017. Has anyone applied lately? If so keep me updated about interview invitations. Thanks!
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