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  1. Hello! My check was deposited but it took her a few weeks after she confirmed that she received my paperwork, so no need to worry yet.
  2. Would living in Denver be a reasonable commute? It looks fine but I’m not sure about traffic/rush hour. I’m from CA so not very familiar with CO ?
  3. I'm currently living in San Francisco but excited to make the move over to Colorado! :) I'm also really excited to meet everyone. I think I remember Kay saying the waitlist would be finalized by November so maybe we will hear about the facebook page sooner?... I guess we will just have to be patient.
  4. For those of you that sent in your deposit & paperwork- has Kay confirmed that she received it? She knows mine is coming and I don't want to bother her but I'm feeling a little anxious! Haha.
  5. Very excited to be posting here and wanted to show everyone that you don't necessarily need a ton of interviews to get into PA school. If I had to go back and do it again I probably would have spent more time researching the programs to see which ones were a good fit for me. I was lucky to find one that I loved and fit in with well! Undergrad Ed School: University of California, Berkeley B.A. Public Health Cumulative Undergrad: GPA: 3.5 Science Undergrad: GPA: 3.33 Post-grad undergrad GPA: 4.0 (Anatomy, Micro, Medical Terminology, Psych) Age at application time : 25 GRE: V 157 Q 155 WA 4.5 Direct Patient Care: phlebotomist/MA- 1.5 years, phlebotomy manager (with some direct patient care)- 1 year, admin in primary care office- 1.5 years (I didn't count this as direct patient care, but included it on the 'health related work' section) Extracurricular/Research Activities: Created a social work/public health volunteer program at a large county hospital (volunteer for 2 years), research in an immunology lab in undergrad, member of pre-professional health organization. A few other volunteer organizations but the above experiences are what I emphasized. Shadowing: ~70 hours with a cardiologist ~6 hours primary care PA ~10 hours with liver transplant PA I realized I didn't have a TON of PA shadowing hours but tried to emphasize that I worked with PAs every day. Schools Applied: A lot... in retrospect too many but I had no idea what I was doing! Duke, GWU, Touro- CA, Samuel Merritt, Stanford, MCPHS- Boston, Tufts, Northeastern, Nortwestern, MEDEX- Seattle, University of Colorado, Rush, Rosalind Franklin, Cornell, NYIT Application Submitted Date: CASPA submitted June 1st, finished up other supplementary applications by July 1st Schools Received Application Date: I don't remember the exact date but it was only a few days after submitting Interview Invites: Tufts, University of Colorado, GWU (declined) Denied: Rush, Rosalind Franklin (both didn't accept my HCE), Touro-CA (I didn't take a pre-req class- totally my fault), Northeastern, Stanford Waitlisted: Tufts Accepted: University of Colorado! I actually got more interview invites than I was expecting but was thrilled to get into Colorado. Turning down a GWU interview was difficult but I ultimately felt like Colorado would be the better fit for me. I could not be more excited about attending CU next year!!
  6. I also received an acceptance call around 11 on Monday as well. I'm very excited to be part of the next class!!!!!
  7. Hi all, I was recently accepted into a PA program and need to take a genetics course before matriculating next July. I'd really like to just take genetics online in the spring instead of commuting to class...does anyone have any experience with UC Berkeley Extension? It's the only class I would be taking and can dedicate a fair amount of time to it. Any opinions? The specific class is MCELLBIX 143. Thanks for the help! https://extension.berkeley.edu/search/publicCourseSearchDetails.do?method=load&courseId=41578#courseSectionDetails_36626073
  8. Is anyone here applying with any outstanding pre-reqs? I'm taking one class in the fall and one in the spring..but there wasn't anywhere on the supplemental to specify that I am taking them. Do you think they will assume that I know I need to take them or should I email them letting them know? Thank you for the help!
  9. I submitted my supplemental on 6/25 and sent my GRE scores on 6/25, and received an email notifying me that my application was complete on 6/29. I'd probably give it a bit longer, but it seems like a generic email so there's probably no harm to emailing in and confirming it's complete.
  10. I received a confirmation email on June 29th that my application was complete and under review. It looks like they send interview invites from August to October. Good luck everyone!
  11. I also haven't heard anything since the confirmation email, which is a bummer because I thought I was competitive enough to at least receive a secondary! Looking at past years it looks like some applicants didn't receive secondaries until August. Maybe there's hope?
  12. I submitted May 31st, confirmed by Tufts on June 5th, invited for an interview on June 14th and I interviewed yesterday (June 27th). Best of luck everyone!
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