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  1. There is still a chance for those who were waitlisted for interviews to receive an email for interviews. Do not give up hope! It has happened for some.
  2. Hi. For those who are wondering how the interviews are setup...it is MMI style. Just be yourself and you will do fine. I know it is vague advice but it truly is the best advice.
  3. I have withdrawn my application from this lovely school as I am attending another program. I was scheduled to interview Nov. 17th. Good luck to everyone.
  4. I just got accepted off the waitlist. Class of 2020 here I come!!! Interview was in August.
  5. Hi. I am from the area. I would say the desired neighborhood is West Hartford, however the rent is expensive. Hartford's west end apartments is a safer place and cheaper rent. Stay away from Albany Ave or downtown Hartford. Elmwood is another decent area. Best of luck.
  6. Hi. I am applying here. I sent my application on 6/10 and was verified 6/13. They sent me a confirmation email on 6/16 and I completed the supplemental 6/24. Fingers crossed. Best of luck everyone. :)
  7. Hi joining in on this thread. I applied to Drexel and submitted my application 6/10 and verified 6/13. I received an email confirming they received my application on 6/16. Now I am just nervously waiting.
  8. Hi. Just wanted to join the thread. So I submitted my application to Glenside campus 6/10/17 and was verified 6/13/17. I am just waiting now. I am a bit nervous since I see some of you already received interviews. But in all good luck everyone.
  9. Hi everyone. Just thought I would start a new thread for this cycle. I wish everyone the best of luck!
  10. Hi everyone. I am a first time applicant and will be applying here. According to their website, they do not have a secondary application. They just have the questions from CASPA. I have to answer those questions then I will be ready to submit. My application is already verified.
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