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  1. @davidcbourque congrats on your acceptance! If your username here matches your facebook name, I'll try and add you to the group! I haven't heard anything specific but after hearing responses from the ARC-PA it should be coming in the next few weeks!
  2. Hi! First off, congrats on the interviews, that is a big accomplishment in itself! After reading and discussing with current applicants and students--I have found that it is quite the norm to put down a deposit at all acceptances. Hence why a waitlist is vital to any program. My personal advice is to put down the deposit unless that program was an absolute misfit for you and you would be unhappy attending. It can be quite expensive, but well worth it in the long run! Congrats and enjoy the process!
  3. @lipglossandlabcoats I know this sounds redundant--but the best advice for the interview is to be yourself! They like you on paper and now they want to truly get to know you! Enjoy the process and the interview day, you have made it this far!
  4. @RollinDownDixie I can't seem to find an exact date on the ARC-PA website but hoping for good news soon!
  5. ^^Same exact timeline! And I can absolutely agree--wonderful and welcoming staff (also a great selection of friendly applicants!) beautiful area, lots to offer!!
  6. Awesome, so excited to meet y'all!! I'm from South Carolina so not too much of a commute! How about you?
  7. Exactly! Being part of the inaugural class would be an awesome experience too and can hopefully kick start a positive environment for the following classes! I bet it's much better as far as housing goes too. My friend just moved to LA actually and would absolutely agree with you!
  8. Thanks @Pez for the information! That makes so much sense now! Looking forward to interviewing and meeting some of y'all! Seems like an awesome school I'm super excited, best of luck to everyone!!
  9. @moorecarson121 congrats on your acceptance, what an accomplishment!
  10. I am! Can't wait! Good luck to you and looking forward to meeting you!
  11. I am interviewing this Wednesday! As y'all have stated--confused as well to the 2016 posts but hoping to receive good news soon! Best of luck to all and hope to meet some of you during the process!
  12. I have an interview this Friday, looking forward to meeting y'all! Good luck everyone and I wish you all the best!
  13. I have an interview tomorrow, can't wait to meet everyone! Congrats to those already accepted and good luck to everyone else applying, super excited for this program!
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