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  1. Email received. I’m an alternate :(.. Anyone know how mayne alternates they end up admitting usually?
  2. Juli told me Erin is making the schedule and will let us know sometime this week I guess. I haven’t gotten a confirmation yet either.
  3. For the people that emailed Erin back with the interview date preference, have you guys gotten a response back yet? I emailed them back Tuesday and still haven’t gotten a confirmation
  4. Called and asked. They've already reviewed applications and will be giving out emails next week. Did any of you give the program updates hours or an updated resume after submitting?
  5. Due to my delayed response, I got set up with the 2/2 interview. I found it odd how you literally had to reply within a day to secure an interview otherwise you'd be out of luck. Also, the $100 fee.. I was told there is no disadvantage to getting a later interview date scheduled.
  6. Loved the interview day. Can't wait to hear back from them!
  7. How are you guys preparing for the interview in the last couple days?
  8. Got an interview Nov 4th (afternoon slot)! :,) Just wondering what the interview day is like: how many people interview you ect.
  9. Also... What do they mean by writing sample? Do we have to write an essay??
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