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  1. Yes it’s me! :) I think they would notify either way...so if you didn’t get anything- stay positive! I’m holding on to hope that you will get an acceptance email. those that receive an email have 2 weeks to respond and send deposit. Maybe they do another round in 2 weeks? keep me posted ??
  2. Just received acceptance email! So excited! Anyone else have news?!
  3. Just received acceptance email. I requested (via Facebook) to join the group. Can’t wait to see everyone in June!! ?
  4. November 8th is the next interview date that I am aware of.
  5. I'm in MD too. There is information about the interview in the Towson University PA program booklet. I tried to copy and paste info here but could not due to formatting. Writing sample, individual interview, team interview, shadow 1st year PA student. Lots of good info in the Application and Admissions Information Booklet. http://www.towson.edu/chp/departments/interprofessional/grad/physassistant/admission/documents/pa_program_info_booklet_08_23_16.pdf
  6. I did mine today :) I don't think its same day...probably 3-5 days I'm guessing? Have my phone right next to me---just in case.
  7. Great news!! I just received mine too! Completed and now waiting for the phone call! Good luck!!
  8. Any update? I also received my email confirmation from Towson on 6/23... I'm driving myself crazy :)
  9. I submitted and received email from Towson ("received") on June 23, I have not received an "under review" email or supplemental application yet. 3 weeks and 5 days....waiting is awful. Hoping to receive something soon!
  10. Once everything has been submitted to Caspa- it enters the "verified" stage. Once your GPA has been calculated- your application is considered "complete". You will recieve an email from Towson that your application has been received. They will e-mail "You may expect to hear from us by late in the fall semester. The interview process for this program takes the entire fall semester." (This is where I am) At some point between now and the fall semester- Towson will email "under review" and send additional application info---if you are a candidate they have selected to interview. Hope this helps...
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