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  1. The interview questions were very hand picked and personal. Still, there were other type of questions like ethical questions, opinion questions, behavioral questions, etc.
  2. I set my heart on PA school approximately 4 months after graduating with my bachelors. So, I scrambled to find hours. I don't recommend this, but it's what I thought I had to do. Looking back, I would have taken my time finding hours through a role I was passionate about. However, when you try finding jobs and you keep getting denied, you take what you can get. I didn't have a whole lot of great hands on experience (about 1,500 hours of taking vitals and doing EKGs at a small occupational clinic) , but I gained experience on how to interact with patients through volunteering and other hands-off opportunities for the past 8 hours. I was honestly REALLY nervous when interviewing at first because I knew that other candidates were nurses, therapists, paramedics, and just phenomenal professionals. If you're browsing through this forum and are looking for someone with little not-so-great experience, I DID TOO. I learned after a few interviews that the committee was really trying to get to know me, my ability as a potential student, and my intentions as a perspective PA, NOT how amazing I was as a current medical professional. I was just myself, and I made sure that I chose words and experiences that reflected my compassion for people and my passion for medicine. Undergrad Ed School: University of South Florida Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.8 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.65 Age at application time : 24 GRE: V: 156 Q: 155 AW: 4.0 Direct Patient Care : (type & hours) CNA at a rehab hospital (800 hours) Medical assistant, back of office: 1,500 hours (2 years as a medical assistant but I had half front/back roles) Volunteer/Community Service: Volunteer at a children's SNF, children's hospital, and the VA hospital. About 150 hours HCE: Front desk medical assistant, front desk receptionist for part time while in undergrad for a year, and pharmacy technician student for a year while in high school Shadowing: Family med PA: 12 hrs Ortho PA: 8 LOR: 1 from an MD and owner of practice, 1 from a NP I worked with, and 1 from a PA I worked with and shadowed Schools Applied (12): NSU (Jax, Ft. Myers, Orlando and Davie/Ft. Lauderdale), USF, FIU, Barry, FGCU, South University (Georgia, Richmond, and Tampa), Keiser CASPA submitted: June 07 CASPA Verified: June 08 Interview Invites: All the schools listed but FIU Denied: FIU (denied me an interview) Withdrew Application: NSU Jax and Ft. Myers, USF, FGCU, South University Georgia once I had gotten an acceptance Waitlisted: South University Richmond Accepted: NSU Orlando, NSU Davie, Barry, South University Tampa, and Keiser Attempts: First Attending: NSU Davie:)
  3. I wish there was a FB group! I'd love to meet y'all! even if it's on fb lol
  4. mine lasted until 1ish. I was first to interview so I was done around 9:45 but I stayed for a student-led tour at 12 pm that lasted until around 1
  5. I interviewed Tuesday and enjoyed my interview too! I would describe it as easygoing but not relaxing. haha! The committee kept me on my toes! Please keep us updated on acceptances/notifications!
  6. I asked the Davie campus in 2015 for a friend and they said that general genetics was fine. I'm not sure if things have changed since and I took Human Genetics anyway so I can't say that with confidence.
  7. The program called about a week after submitting the secondary to inform me that they received all the necessary materials
  8. I received an invitation today. I submitted my application on June 7th and was verified by June 8th. I received an update on my status on July 14th. I hope that's helpful! Also, I don't mind sharing my stats through a direct message.
  9. I submitted my app at the end of June and received a call for an interview about two weeks later. I don't think it's late. Call them to make sure they have everything if you want to be sure that your app is eligible to be reviewed. I learned from other applicants that some schools may have missed something and may not have notified the applicant. The program's admission manager is Nikki Sawyer and she's really kind and helpful.
  10. @EmergenSea Hi! I'm going to be at the July 13th interview. I'm so excited and nervous! It'll be my first interview. My timeline: Submitted Caspa on June 8th Verified by June 9th Received an invite about a week ago :) Also, I'm not sure if I'm replying correctly on this forum. Hopefully it replies as it should. Lol
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