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  1. Maybe you should blame yourself for getting a D before you point fingers at anyone else.
  2. Mavrick you sound very bitter for failing out because all of this is lies. In the beginning of the program every class has a syllabus that clearly states that in order to move on, you must have at least a 70 average. There are a select few classes that allow you to retake one exam in order to pass, and those classes are again stated in the syllabus that you received in the beginning. So please explain to me how you, not meeting the requirements and getting kicked out, is racist? Did they give you a different exam from everyone else or did they purposely change your score solely on the color of your skin? The sad reality is, PA school is not for everyone. As a student, I study at least 6-8 hours a day on top of the 8-10 hour class schedule. It is not easy, but extremely doable if you're willing to put the effort in. So before you go rambling about how these racist professors did you a disservice and purposely pushed you out of the program, I urge you to think about what YOU could have done to succeed. Stop blaming everyone else and making up lies. Touro is not racist in any way and I could say this because I myself am a minority. I had several professors who were not Caucasian and no, our professors are not all related to each other and Italian lmao. To be honest, they're all great and are extremely approachable. Each student is assigned a professor to act as their mentor to help them get through this difficult time because they themselves know how draining PA school could be. PS. I love how you made a comment about Zeb who is Indian and is being used as "their bitch." ZEB IS THE ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR YOU DUMBASS....I CANT BELIEVE THESE WHITE SUPREMICISTS PLACED AN INDIAN MAN AS ONE OF THE HEADS OF THEIR PROGRAMS. moral of the story is, you my friend was a wasted seat and the program is better off without you.
  3. I applied at the end of June, had the first interview in February, and got accepted early March. GPA: 3.7 sGPA: 3.6 10k+ hours as an EMT and Surgical Technician I also did clinical research and had a lot of volunteer work outside of the medical field Good luck to everyone applying, let me know if you have any questions about the program!
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