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  1. I finally received the green check marks on my app as well! Hooray! My last name also starts with a "T".
  2. I haven't received a confirmation email either. My last name starts with a "T". Let us know what they say in the email! Thanks!
  3. I was unable to attend the Fresno campus update yesterday, did anyone attend and can provide any new updates?
  4. Anyone who submitted their supplemental mid July hear back about an interview yet? ?
  5. For those who applied to the center city campus, how long did it take for you to receive your supplemental application via email after submitting on caspa?
  6. For those of you that applied, do you know if they are lenient on the 5-year prerequisite course rule? Most of my general chemistry and biology courses were taken freshmen year of my undergrad about 7 years ago.
  7. Hello! I am a little confused about the "admissions requirements" of the Certification in BLS requirement. From reading previous forums, it seems like this was a requirement after you were accepted. However, their website states: "If you are offered an interview with the program, you will sign a condition form that you acknowledge that you have to send official transcripts to the program, show proof of current BLS certification, and successfully pass a criminal background check by June 1st (of the year you will be starting)." For those of you who were offered an interview, did you have to show proof of current BLS certification? Thanks in advance!
  8. My understanding is that we don’t hear back from waitlist until June
  9. Hey! Has anyone else heard back from the 12/11 interview? Excited to see who got in :). I got notified I was waitlisted yesterday afternoon! Did anyone else get waitlisted? And know if we will be given info about our ranking (high medium or low)? -Thanks!! :)
  10. Hey! For those of you who got a phone call from grace with an acceptance previously, around what time did she call you? (And the time zone please!!) thank you!!
  11. Hey! I was wondering if anyone who already interviewed can give some feedback on how the day went? What was the timeline like? Were you interviewed by mostly faculty or students? Also how did you get to touro? Did you rent a car or uber? Thanks!! :)
  12. I received this email as well! :) and no I did not visit the campus for preview day or any online webinars
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