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  1. Hello, I’m currently a second-year PA student and I’m looking for some advice from people who have more experience than me. I graduate in May and this week I was talking to a health system that has openings in both urgent care and family med. Throughout my rotations I have enjoyed my experiences in both and I’m just wondering if anyone here has experience in either and would like to weigh in with their thoughts. I know personal preference plays a big role in this, but I’d love to get some information on the pros and cons of both areas. Thank you!
  2. I'm currently a 2nd year PA student and I'll graduate May 2018. i hear some of my classmates talking about applying for jobs already, but it seems too early. I've done some background research on different areas, openings, that kind of thing, but it seems early to actually apply for jobs. When should I start applying for jobs? Any advice is appreciated.
  3. I ended up not applying. After looking in to it more, I think some other rural health opportunities might be better for me.
  4. I'm considering doing a 2 year commitment to the Indian Health Service once I graduate (May 2018) to get some help paying back my loans. Does anyone have any experience as a PA with the IHS or what it's like working on a reservation? I've heard mixed reviews but it seems like a great way to help an underserved population while getting help paying back my pile of student loan debt.
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