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  1. Sadly, last year I received a rejection letter. Fat lady may be on stage, but IMO she isn't singing...
  2. I imagine 300+people sprinting to their mailboxes. Myself included- I found the same letter; ALTERNATE.
  3. Just 2 follow up. I contacted them. I got a response in about 2 dats: my application was still under review, there is a November interview date and seats are open. I hoped for more, but that was nice to hear and impressive that time was taken to find my application. Best of luck
  4. Congrats to all accepted. Thanks to those who declined their spot. ? I found a fb group with 36 members. Ive not received a declined, waitlist, or even an invitation for interview....?
  5. 15 is the count, right? (1 auto admit from last year I heard) 3 in from the 9/14 interview known. Noone posted yet from october interview. #faith #believe #we'rethisfar
  6. Congrats all, I'm still waiting on a call. I was early app, but wondering if my last prereq is holding me up (Im A-cing it so no worries there). Good luck on the 17th...of November or this Tuesday? Fingers crossed you meant November and ill see you there :-)
  7. Can't say I'm not happy for you, hope I hear from them as well. Please keep us here posted. Are you a current WLU student?
  8. Thanks for starting this thread up. Best of luck to everyone who's applied. I received the email as well. I made early pool requirements, who's with me there? Grapevine says sept8th is first interview, that's a Friday. I WANT in!
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