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  1. As for me, you are right. You have your own opinion and that`s great. Do what is comfortable for you and make you happy. It`s the only correct answer! Good luck!
  2. I totally agree. It`s an optimized variant, I`m sure!
  3. I think this advice is the best one!
  4. I think it would be better to include a cover letter anyway!
  5. It`s great to mention people who contribute a lot to any sphere of human life. They are worth to speak about!
  6. I think college isn`t the most important thing in our life! The only thing that matters is being happy and enjoying! A beloved job is better than a college. I think he is happier than you are, sorry. Maybe you aren`t at your place. Are you sure about your occupation?:)
  7. Too good isn`t good, too! Am I right? But on the other hand, the necessity in qualified workers always exists! So I think the best way for you is to make a decision in your heart and do what you feel is best for you!
  8. I`ve been working for a long period, and I continue to do these. Unfortunately, I can say it`s difficult for me to work at home because of the children and their wishes. But for self-development, it`s very important to do something except householding chores and mother role. Good luck!:)
  9. Thanks for the explanations! I`m a newbie here. That`s why all these rules are due to read for me. It`s helpful information!
  10. It`s not about me!:)