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  1. I just sent you a message And to reply to the post from "thatgirlonabike", not sure why you decided to put this up on the forum, its really not appropriate seeing as you didn't even apply here. But to anyone who does have questions, yes this is a christian based school, and this is the rule for undergraduate programs at the main campus. This is a professional graduate program, and is COMPLETELY seperate from the undergraduate programs. The NGU PA handbook nowhere states your religious/celibate status. We have people that are married, single, living together, babptist, LDS, Catholic, and everywhere in between in our school (and I only know this from knowing these people on a personal level, never has relgion been brought up in the program). I posted on this earlier, and if you are genuinly interested in the school and have this as a concern please reach out to Ms. Wardell who is in charge of admissions, or a current student who are happy to answer any questions you may have.
  2. Staying close to campus vs not: this is a great thing to discuss ultimately the decision is up to you. For the non single people in our class most of us live in greenville/spartanburg or where our significant others have found work, or already had a home, and some single people also wanted to live in greenville to be in downtown. A good chunk of our class live in the apartments right by the school I believe they are called west chase/the preserve and are about a mile away. Obviously those apartments are close to school which is nice if you don't want to commute. I chose to live farther out as I liked the place I am currently at better as far as ammenities( my apartment has a gym, lodge, and dog park which were important to myself) and cost, location to my husbands work, and location to do things outside of school (greenville library which is where I tend to study at, paris mountain/downtown to play!). Cost of living is relatively the same for greenville/greer with the exception if you live right in downtown greenville costs a little more. Apartments range from 700-1200 depending on the size, # of bedrooms, eceterra but I know the single people live together so their rent is significantly cheaper when split 3 ways. When they send out that email you can reach out to each other see if you want to be roommates, also I know current students are looking for roommates for next year as well. I would recomend coming down sometime in november to look at places to live and sign a lease, try to arrange to meet potential room mates/classmates to come at the same time, and of course meet up with us we are excited for you all! As far as staying close to campus or not, besides being single vs not I used to study at campus, but had a hard time staying after school and needed a break after classes, also I didn't do well with lots of people or distractions, so staying close to campus wasn't a big deal for myself as I like to study at my apartment complex lodge, or at the library. However there are cubicles upstairs, study rooms, and lots of resources so campus is a good place to study for lots of students.
  3. When it gets a little bit closer, we (current students) will be paired with you and mentor you, they will also send out an email that will give you some info the email we received last year had a link to a facebook group an allowed us to start getting more aquainted. I know yall are super excited, my biggest advice for now is to enjoy this time you have off, take vacations, travel, relax!! Someone can always make a facebook group and get something started. If you have any questions now until you get paired with one of the current years on living, housing eceterra, feel free to send me a message. Congrats!
  4. NGU PA program while a part of a religious institution is ARC PA accredited, in addition it just doesn't make sense to have a well rounded professional be taught with a relgious bias. We do have a a special population course which other programs have where we spend a very brief time learning about how to approach healthcare with specific religions/cultures where there are barriers present. I know that my class has a very wide range of relgious backgrounds, which I know from knowing them on a personal base only. The professors have never nor will ever ask our religious views/religion. I hope this answers your questions.
  5. IF anyone has any questions about the program, I am a current student. Send me a message and we can chat!
  6. Just got a call this morning I was accepted into the program.
  7. I will be interviewing on November 17th, I have an extra room if anyone needs a place to stay or would like to carpool/meet up the night before send me a message. Good luck everyone!
  8. I am not sure, we have found about 13/25 students that have been accepted through facebook, and this forum. They won't give us the full student list for privacy reasons, but said they would be connecting us together in October. I would just call and ask Brittani Wardell. She is super nice! I believe they are done with interviews though. Also in regards to the ranking of the waitlist, if you look at their website they score applicants giving a numerical score for both the interview and caspa application and combine them. They then rank the list from there from what it says in the student handbook, and that is what they said during the interview. Best of luck!
  9. I received a call on Tuesday offering an interview for yesterday. They also offered me in october as that was way short notice. Hope this helps all.
  10. I honestly don't know, they won't give us the list of names of students yet. We have a facebook chat that has 10 of us + Alissa. There are 2 current students also in our group chat and on August 10th they thought the class was full, but apparently it isn't they said the staff would connect everyone in the next few months so we will see. I think that there are still spots open. They are probably looking at everyone's files again.
  11. I do know some people from the first interview have been notified who were on the wait list that they are no longer up for consideration.
  12. Hey Melissa,


    Hope things are going well for you and you have some interviews. Let me know if you have heard anything back yet, good luck!


    -Cherokee (from NGU interview)

  13. I just heard back today, I submitted and was verified before the end of may. I was rejected though I am not too bummed as I already have had several offers and got into my school of choice. My stats are GRE 309, HCE 8000 hours, GPA 3.85 Science GPA 3.8. Good luck to you all hope this school if the one for you!
  14. Hey please spread the word to whomever you know that gets accepted to send us a message so we can join them to our facebook group! Good luck everyone!
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