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  1. Has anyone else not heard anything back since the interview?
  2. Hello everyone! I have been accepted into the class of 2020 and I was curious of any of you currently attending would be willing to message me about life at TNUs PA program on and off campus, I am coming from CA so it will be a big move for me(:
  3. I interviewed 10/23 and was accepted 11/3!! I loved the program and will most likely be choosing this program over another I was accepted to. Is there a Facebook page or anything for this accepted class? I would love to start getting to know everyone (:
  4. Hey there! Have you looked at the DeSales 2017-2018 thread, a lot of people have talked about it there. My experience was great the faculty was very friendly and want to have a conversation with you. My advise is always to give examples/stories when you're answering a question, it gives more proof to your statements and makes you memorable. The group exercise was not your normal prompt, it was fun! It was a much smaller group of interviewees than my other interviews which makes me feel like they only choose people to interview they are really serious about! Good luck (:
  5. Yea it was emailed to me. It was literally more of a survey of where you lived and your background info for the most part if I remember correctly!
  6. I have withdrawn from the interview next week because I have been accepted to another program that I really like! I hope that opens up a spot for one of you, good luck (:
  7. Is anyone studying for this math/med term/comprehension screening? I feel like I am definitely rusty on math, I don't know what to review! Looking forward to meeting some of you next week(:
  8. I was also accepted from the 9/27 interview!!! Loved the program and the people, I have a few more interviews coming up that I would like to give a chance, but DeSales is going to be hard to beat! For those of you who haven't interviewed yet, the interview process is super friendly so just be yourself and don't be afraid to laugh and have fun with your interviewers and the other applicants. They really give you a chance to show who you are with the setup they have. Good luck everyone (:
  9. Sweet thank you for that, it sounds like a great area so far! I got an email for my file complete 6/14 (:
  10. I am sorry to hear about the rejection :/ I am still waiting to hear back, but I am all the way in California so I think I'll be the last to know... What state are you from?
  11. I got an interview invite yesterday for October 6th! Currently scrambling to get flights and change work haha, but very excited that they are still conducting more interviews. For those of you who have interviewed, how did you like the program/area? I've never been to North Carolina (: Thanks!
  12. I got an email for interview too! They were really awesome and let me schedule mine for a later date since the October 21 one conflicted with my schedule. So I will be interviewing Nov. 4th(: Here are my stats, just remember they aren't everything (: sGPA: 3.8 cGPA: 3.8 GRE: 157v 152q 4.5w HCE: ~1,100 hours EMT/ER tech, ~200 hours volunteer ER, ~60 hours shadowing I also had around 200 community service/volunteer hours non-healthcare Good luck everyone and hope to see you there(:
  13. sGPA: 3.8 cGPA: 3.8 HCE: ~1,000 hours as EMT/ER tech Volunteer: ~500 hours various things I do come from a religious background and attended a Christian undergrad so that might play a factor too, good luck(:
  14. I don't think it will because they say they aren't rolling admissions and that we won't know the decision until later I believe!
  15. I just logged in and I have an interview too! I love that we have schedule options. Good luck everyone(: I had all my stuff verified and payment done on 6/17
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