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  1. Same here , I had to ask for references again. Everything else will be saved for next year except the references and the schools obviously. Good luck. Hope your husband surgery and recovery is well
  2. It was said that you cannot have cclasses in progress after Fall 2017 if you are applying for this cycle. And if you are taking pre reqs than it can only be 1/2 and they have to be over by the end of the semester.... no one said that you could not take any at all. So you misread. That’s why It was also said not to list the class on CASPA if it’s irrelevant aka not a prereq
  3. I would not even tell, because depending on the program they would not want any classes to be in progress no matter the reason. If it is not on your CASPA app no need to bring it up. For example, the school I will be attending said you cannot take class after Fall 2017 for this cycle and that it could not be anymore than 2 at the time of application and once the class is complete to send the grades directly to them. I can see you are planning ahead, so for interviews through Dec 2017 for this cycle I would not tell them because it is irrelevant and if you get accepted you can withdraw from the class but if you have interviews in early Jan you should tell the interviewers as you will be attending that class when you have interviews. Good luck
  4. Nope. They are not rolling admissions. I did not receive a supplemental app. Which track are you applying for? BS/MS or just MS?
  5. Nope. This the email I received when I applied. App not due until Jan. We will not hear until Feb
  6. There is no way to tell.. you can always email the programs to see if your verified application had been received if they have not sent an email stating they received your application. All the schools I applied to sent an email but some were a couple months later after submission. Hope this helps
  7. In my essay I included that I have a disabled brother and he faces some of the problems your daughter has and than some. I guess like UGoLong said, what is the reason for sharing this information. I was just recently accepted into a PA program and I feel my essay along with a few other things had huge impact on my interviewers seeing me for who I am and my love for medicine . Feel free to send me a PM and I would be more than willing to share that part of my essay and the reasons why I decided to include it in my essay. Good luck Happy Turkey Day
  8. I told you it would happen!! I am so excited and happy for you!!!
  9. actually, I was refunded my deposit yesterday. I was looking for it to be in a check through Snail Mail, but they refunded the money back into my bank account because I paid the deposit with a debit card. So check your statements as they may have just deposited the money back into your account
  10. See, there is still hope.. they are pulling from the first interviews. I know when I interviewed they did tell us after each interview session they were going to go back and evaluate people from the previous interviews so don't hesitate, and just be patient. :)
  11. So you interviewed for the morning session on 10/19?
  12. Has anyone received their supplemental application fee back yet?