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  1. AZDreamer89

    NHSC Scholarship 2018 Thread

    Did you get the scholarship? Do you have any advice?
  2. AZDreamer89

    NHSC Scholarship 2018 Thread

    I didn't, but only so I could stay under the 2,500 limit.
  3. AZDreamer89

    NHSC Scholarship 2018 Thread

    Hey! Did you guys include the question in your essay???
  4. AZDreamer89

    NHSC Scholarship 2018 Thread

    500 words. I asked!
  5. AZDreamer89

    NHSC Scholarship 2018 Thread

    They also told me you can have two references from work as long as one person explains that you have been out of school for awhile.
  6. AZDreamer89

    NHSC Scholarship 2018 Thread

    Aren't we all competing against each other?
  7. AZDreamer89

    NHSC Scholarship 2018 Thread

    If anyone is applying a second time do you think it's worth it to for me to apply if my gpa is 3.5? I was wondeirng because I was looking at a thread in the dental forum and it seemed most people had a 3.8 or above.
  8. Hi! I'm Sue and I am originally from Iowa, but now live in Arizona :)
  9. AZDreamer89

    2017-2018 cycle

    I'm not really sure what you mean.
  10. AZDreamer89

    2017-2018 cycle

    Yay! New classmates!!
  11. AZDreamer89

    2017-2018 cycle

    I looked up the standard interview questions and had different people ask me them and give me feedback. I had multiple people mock interview me. I also had them mock interview me with MMI questions. Then 48 hours before the interview I stopped prepping and just spend time with friends and family because I wanted to be relaxed. Hope this helps!
  12. You know what though? I think everything happens for a reason. Congrats to those who were accepted and waitlisted. You worked hard and it paid off.
  13. I agree all my interviews were a lot more organized. They were also friendly and great with communication.
  14. AZDreamer89

    2017-2018 cycle

    Quality inn by six flags in Vallejo is was reasonable. It puts you a lot closer to the hotel too. The guy at the front was really nice.When he saw me in my suit he instantly knew I was interviewing at Touro!

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