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  1. I believe it private, so no difference in tuition cost for in and out of state
  2. females are just as capable of inappropriate behavior, but not as likely, there is a big difference.
  3. it was very concerning last year when several UC Davis PA students claimed the the lectures were incredibly disorganized, poorly taught. Additionally, now that the PA program is held within the nursing school it is concerning that possibly they don't know how to teach within the diagnostic model that is required for PA's and MD's. an anomaly would be a pass rate of 85%, not 67%.
  4. thats crazy, their pance pass rate has been below the national average for three years...and now a 67% pass. I wouldn't go to this school unless it was my only option.
  5. So happy for those accepted off the waitlist, however I'm wondering why Samuel Merritt is filling spots so late? Is that concerning?
  6. Agreed, but applicant most likely won't get thru first screening if the school has a 3.0 requirement and won't have the opportunity to submit new grades. Only saying because maybe don't waste the application cost to apply to a school if you don't meet their initial requirements, but I would say call school and explain your situation and see what they say. Good luck
  7. Not this cycle, CASPA will not recalculate in progress grades, once complete.
  8. What was this in response to, i.e., had you sent them an email asking about your status?
  9. Yes having the same difficulty with saving on supplemental
  10. Miles-did you apply widely last year. I though I saw your name when looking around at threads from last year. I thought you were going to another school?
  11. Really?, you couldn't help yourself?
  12. Emailed Stanford the other day because I had not heard from them at all, they replied today that they have all my application materials and I am under review.
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