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  1. Thank you! I was able to take it. Now just waiting on results
  2. Thanks for replying! That’s reassuring that you were able to take an exam in NJ. I scheduled my exam in Princeton so fingers crossed it stays open! Take care.
  3. Trying to take the PANCE Hey everyone, I had my PANCE scheduled for the end of May and just logged onto the website and saw that they made the date June 25th without a location or even a notification that they changed it. I don’t know if this is temporary while they wait for testing centers to reopen (and that it’ll go back to the original date after) or if my test is canceled. I already tried to call/email them with no luck, so I’m just curious if this has happened to anyone else. Thank you! Edit: also, if you have been able to take your pance recently, please lmk what sta
  4. I don't know for sure... but I was accepted in july and just received the financial aid letter this week, too! Just keep trying to contact them, and hope for good news. :)
  5. Felt like the interview went smoothly but I was waitlisted. Bummer!
  6. Interviewing this Tuesday, September 12th at the Center City campus!
  7. Just make sure that you really know about the program and what they stand for! For example, since they are really study abroad oriented, think of a story you could tell that relates to this topic. The interview was SO laid back and was mainly traditional, so don't stress too much.
  8. I'm surprised that more people haven't posted on this forum! See yinz tomorrow :)
  9. I've been low key stalking the mail man after the July 13th interview ?
  10. @hopefulPA09525 they emailed me at 12 PM on 7/6. Here are some of my stats, and I wish you the best: Cumulative GPA- 3.96 Science GPA- 3.93 HCE (156: medical mission trip and hospital volunteer), PCE (600 medical assistant, 200 home health aide, 100 personal care aide, 199 EMT and accumulating more as a full time medical assistant at a dermatology practice!)
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