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  1. Hi Kettle, I am in a similar position as you just not nearly as much experience. I am also a non traditional student as well with about 180 credit hours of coursework. This application will be my second time applying. I interviewed at 1 school two years prior and was rejected. GPA 3.28 BCP GPA 3.18 GRE: 149 Verbal reasoning, 157 Quantitative reasoning, 2.5 analytical writing Last 60 upper division credits 3.4 HCA ~4,000 hours Paramedic, Urban, predominantly serving the medically underserved. 200 Hours Shadowing 2000 hours volunteering at my youth group mentoring, teaching martial arts, lead Lion and Dragon Dancing group. I've applied to ~20 different schools this year with the bulk changes to my personal statement and have received 4 interview invites so far. Having great GPA will help your app, but these schools will love the experience and diversity you can bring to the cohort/class. Keep your head high and we will make it! Best of luck to you.
  2. Starting this for this application period! From what I have read in the other application, they begin interviews around January of 2018?
  3. I never received an email either and it has been a month already. Has anyone received a confirmation email?
  4. No. There was a first round of interview on June 9th. You should be hearing from them soon.
  5. I was waitlisted and hoping for good news as well! Just to let everyone know, they are extending ~250 interviews for 36 spots with 8-9 interview sessions in total!
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