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  1. I wonder if they made all their acceptance calls yesterday and the rest of us are just waiting on the active list/rejection emails to go out.
  2. I was offered acceptance today but declined because I’ve put a deposit down on a seat elsewhere. Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  3. Interviewing is always nerve-wracking, try to remember that you’ve already jumped the biggest hurdle by being invited to interview. Most programs just want to get to know you as a person. I know it’s cliche, but try to relax and let your personality shine through. They already see something in you that they like.
  4. No I haven't and I was wondering the same thing because the RSVP is due tomorrow.
  5. @pastu727 @aaronrivera995 I received the supplement September 22 and got confirmation of receipt October 12.
  6. Got a call from Pam this morning around 10:00 offering me a seat in the program! I accepted and I'm so excited to attend in January!
  7. Received an invitation to interview 11/20 this morning!
  8. Congratulations! It’s a great program and I know the rest of us are hoping to join you :) do you mind me asking what time you got your waitlist email?
  9. I’m really wondering if the order we received our waitlist emails is related to our ranking.
  10. Got an email from South asking if I wanted to remain on the waitlist. I'm assuming that they're trying to shorten the waitlist so they don't offer a seat to someone who has already been accepted elsewhere. I think this might mean that the waitlist is rolling. Good luck to everyone still on the waitlist hoping for that phone call!
  11. @leafosterxo @OaklandU Needs PA Program Were you called by Pam regarding a seat in the program or did you withdraw your spot before she could offer you a seat?
  12. Received an invitation to interview today! Could not be more excited!
  13. Has anyone received confirmation that their supplemental application was received? I sent mine in last Tuesday (9/26) and I still haven’t heard anything regarding whether or not they’ve received my application. I’m a little worried they may not have received it.
  14. Does anyone know if they send out actual rejection emails when they send out interview invites? I saw in last year’s thread that some people said they were rejected. I wasn’t sure if they had gotten word from the program or if they just assumed since they didn’t received an interview invite.
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