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  1. TO the accepted students..did you’ll hear anything after the background check was completed?
  2. They only had a range..mine was between 1-10
  3. Just got accepted from the waitlist... there is still hope!!
  4. Yes, we have heard from the top 40 and there has been no significant movement on the wait list at this time.
  5. Just received an email that all of the top 40 have accepted the invites..no movement on the list
  6. Did anyone get anything ? Or heard anything
  7. I thought it was feb 9. Are you sure it’s the 5th
  8. Are everyone who got calls from group A?
  9. Received an interview invite for group B!!!
  10. To people who got waitlisted mind sharing your stats
  11. Got an interview invite. I️ am declining it..hopefully someone else can benefit from it.
  12. Hey guys ..do you’ll know if they allow students to do rotations in Houston.
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