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  1. When working in the Emergency Dept. I worked directly with PAs within the "fast track" portion of the ER. Other than that, you are correct in that I lack PA shadowing - how many hours would you recommend?
  2. Thank you for your feedback! I was concerned my experience was too research based and that I need more hands on experience, but if I focus on schools that accept scribing I suppose I could be ok. Also, you are right that if I seek more hands on experience that would ultimately lead to a pay cut (which would lead to more student loans). I suppose I will focus on acing A&P I/II and the GRE, and perhaps add some additional PA shadowing hours over the next year. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.
  3. Hi all, I am 26 years old, interested in applying to PA school next April. I would like advice from current PAs, other PA school applicants, and current PA school students regarding my chances in getting accepted. Education: MPH in Epidemiology (cumulative GPA 3.77) BS in Biology (cumulative GPA 3.64) Certifications: Certified in Public Health (CPH) Work Experience: Current Research Coordinator in Oncology/Genetics field (full-time, 2+ years) Research Assistant in Oncology/Genetics field (full-time for 6 months) Scribe in Primary Care office (1.8 years, ~2600 hours) Scribe in Emergency Dept. & Ophthalmology clinic (1.25 years, ~2500 hours) Volunteer Experience: Two medical/dental mission trips to Honduras (2 weeks, ~100 hours) Hospital volunteer in Emergency Dept. & Pediatric unit (1 year, ~500 hours) Research Experience: 1 peer-reviewed publication, second author 1 oral presentation, first author I plan to take A&P I/II over the next year at a community college (since I did not take this in undergrad) and will be retaking my GRE (old scores were 152 verbal, 153 quantitative, & 3.5 writing). I am considering becoming certified as a Phlebotomist or CNA and work part-time (along with my research coordinator job) to up my HCE experience - would this improve my chances? Thanks in advance!!
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