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  1. Congrats everyone. I just got denied the third year in a row ( interviewed 3 years ). good luck to everyone in the class you will all make awesome PAs
  2. Hi everyone just curious as to if anyone had heard anything yet. I interviewed 1/10 and just starting to get nervous
  3. Hi No I haven’t yet. I’m getting a little anxious waiting. I know that it will come in time ; just not patient lol.
  4. I know it’s probably too soon, but has anyone heard anything from the 10th of January 2020 interviews ?
  5. I just got the email they received all of my application materials on Monday. Does anyone know how long it takes them to go through and see if I meet all their requirements? Also does anyone know if they are holding any more interviews? this is my third cycle applying to them ; have interviewed twice ; so I’m hoping
  6. Do you know if they have sent out emails at all for interviews yet? I emailed and this is the response that I got.
  7. Well I just got my denial email this morning. I was a second year applicant, as well as a second time interviewing. I think that this has just re-confirmed for me that I am not supposed to be in PA school. I wanted to wish luck to everyone who is still waiting on their decisions to come in.
  8. Im assuming, more hoping, we haven't heard anything back because they said two weeks. I guess also campus has been closed periodically because of the weather .
  9. Hi everyone ! I interviewed on the 8th of February 2019; just wondering if anyone has heard anything from that date or not. I’m guessing it’s too soon . Im a reapplicant and I had interviewed at WMU two years ago, but didn’t get in. Getting really worried to get the thank you but no thank you email again this year
  10. I think “cooper” is the class president this year. Also you might have been rejected to the page on FB because that is for the class currently in year one :) congrats to to everyone who got an interview and got in!
  11. I just received an interview for the 4th of november I am so excited and so nervous. I applied last year and was denied without an interview.
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