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  1. For those that got an interview invite to Tacoma campus, did they email your invite or did you receive a phone call? Thanks in advanced!
  2. I submitted my secondary application on July 14, 2017, so expect to wait for about a month or so.
  3. Wheres Marshall Ketchum in this forum?
  4. I don't see this school on the PAEA program list? Is it called something else?
  5. Naisha just emailed me that once my app is processed I will hear about further needs (i.e. supp app).
  6. Going to do supplemental tonight. Ive done it one other time. They give you plenty of time to answer each question so don't stress! Good luck everyone!
  7. I also received an email that i met academic and clinical criteria and that my app was being forwarded to the adcom! Good luck everyone!!
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