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  1. Thanks for responding. I’m glad it went well for you! My experience was very similar. About how many people were in your interview session?
  2. Thanks for the info @dbfowl. Wishing everyone who still has to interview good luck! And to those of us that have already interviewed... hoping the rest of January will go by nice and quick!
  3. Has Joey contacted anyone about rescheduling? I’m curious how it affects the original timeline for finding out if we are accepted.
  4. Did they say they were doing this for sure? When I was there Joey mentioned they were thinking about sending out some early but didn’t say anything else about it.
  5. I got that email as well but am not doing anything with it until I get a decision from the school!
  6. Wow! That’s a decent amount more than the first. I’m happy to hear it went well!
  7. Wishing you luck! We had 18 people total. I’ll be interested to see if that’s the norm for every interview day.
  8. It went well! Definitely a comfortable environment. The faculty was really nice and down to earth. Hoping to hear good news when they make their decisions!
  9. Happy interview week! I’ll be there this Friday. I am looking forward to meeting those who will be interviewing with me!
  10. I’m on the waitlist to interview as well and have not heard back since being placed on it. It seems weird that they wouldn’t notify everyone at the same time...
  11. I received an invite to interview this morning as well! I will be attending the Dec 8 session.
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