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  1. Have any accepted people received instructions on setting up your student email account? Not the WebAdvisor account
  2. You can mail it or call in with your card info. I called in since I received the the letter a little late
  3. @bensexton2 It was just a general one page letter. It said more information would come out later!
  4. @PAbikerun I got my letter about a week and a half after the call. It took super long because it was rerouted due to an address change
  5. For those who inteviewed the 22nd, check MyMadison! Although I've been accepted, I'll be giving up the seat for another school. Good luck to those applying!
  6. So excited to become apart of the Shenandoah community. Have any of those accepted heard of a Facebook page for next year's cohort?
  7. @bensexton2, @SomedayaPA I got to choose from 2 dates, Sept 22 & Oct 6 (chose the early one). I submitted CASPA May 27th and started hearing from schools end of June. Since this is the first cycle I've applied to, I wasn't sure how "competitive" I was and wanted to apply to a wide variety of schools hoping to get into just one. Ideally I wanted to get into a Virginia school because that's where I live. I was honestly surprised to hear from so many considering I am a recent graduate and relatively young (graduated in 3 years), so I was expecting schools to want more people with "life experience". It goes to show that you don't really know what they are looking for so it's good to apply with an open mind! Here are my application stats: - Recently graduated from UF with BS in Dietetics (similar to Nutrition); took many science courses (Genetics, biochem, orgo 1/2, metabolism, disease, etc.) - GPA: 3.98 - GRE: Verbal 57, Quant 56, Writing 4.0 - 1000 hours of patient contact from CNA/PCA work -80 hours shadowing various PA's - letter of Rec's from Nurse Manager, advisor of the club I was president of, RN coworker, Nutrition professor, PA I shadowed -300 or so hours of volunteer work; 300 or so of extracurriculars (running club, leadership activities, etc.) Hope this helps! And if your curious, here are the schools I applied to and their status: - Accepted: Shenandoah, Campbell, South (Savannah) - Waitlisted: Desales - Interviews that I declined: Rosalind Franklin, Wingate, Jefferson, Mississippi College - Schools yet to hear from: Northwestern, Madison Wisconsin
  8. Just received email invitation to schedule an interview. However, I have just been accepted to Shenandoahs program. I'm still going to interview at JMU to see if it's a better "fit", but if any of your are willing to share: Why would you choose JMU over Shenandoah or vice versa (other than the cost aspect)?
  9. Excited to see everyone on the 24th! I'll be driving down from Virginia Beach
  10. Received acceptance call this afternoon! Anyone know if someone has started a Facebook page for the class starting in January? Never to early to start talking about housing:) Also, anyone have recommendations on affordable housing semi-close to campus? Ideally would like to walk or drive <15 minutes to class
  11. For all of those receiving interviews, how are you guys preparing specifically for this program? Just curious. I know there is a lot of forums online that address the topic of interviews, but I just wanted to see what some of you are expecting from Desales.
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