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  1. I do believe the day did take about 7-8 hours. However, the interviews were the first part of the day's events. The last event was the tour, so if you needed to leave earlier you could probably cut the tour short.
  2. @Huskylover congrats on the acceptance! I'm always so excited to hear from more students being added to the class :)
  3. @kls72 and @SARCorpsman88 congrats on the acceptances! I can't wait to meet everyone! If anyone is looking for housing, I live in an apartment complex a little west of Harrisburg, just over the river. The apartment complex I am staying in right now is in a small quiet neighborhood. It is about a 25 min drive to campus, but they do allow pets. PM me if you want more info. I am not sure what they have available but it couldn't hurt to find out if you're interested.
  4. @reticentt congrats on the acceptance! I was also accepted from the August 4th interview. I can't wait to meet everyone in the class! My stats for those who are wondering: sGPA: 3.48 cGPA: 3.69 GRE: Verbal 161, Quant 160, Writing 5.0 Bachelors in Anthropology, minor in Italian 1,440 HCE (EMT 911 and IFT) Submitted: Mid-May Secondary Completed: July 7 Interview Request: July 13 Interview Date: Aug 4 Accepted: Aug 11 I live in the Harrisburg/Hershey area so if anyone is going to be around or has any questions feel free to message me!
  5. Paper mail through the United States Postal Service. Not sure why but Arcadia likes to send out notices about rejections and acceptances this way.
  6. Yes, I believe it is about 2 weeks from the time you get your letter.
  7. One of the current students will reach out to you in an email about the FB group once things are finalized. Congrats on the acceptance!
  8. The interview seems like a lot, but the time goes by very quickly. They get the interviews and writing samples out of the way in the morning which is nice. You don't have to be nervous for the entire day. The faculty were fantastic and seemed to have very thoroughly gone over each application. They were so friendly and were genuinely happy to have you there, especially the program director herself. The interviews weren't as stressful and as interrogative as other programs. It seemed like they really just wanted to get to know you and see the kind of person you are. After the interview, we had a group presentation about the program and financial aid with the director of admissions and the program director. After that we were given lunch with a few students from the current first year class and a student from the second year class. After lunch it was a tour of the college and the hospital. At the end of the day we got to sit in at a TBL class with a group of current students. By far my favorite part of the day! I prepared for my interview my brushing up on my application and going through online interview questions not just to prepare for individual questions, but to figure out what I can bring to the program, my advantages, and just figure out the kind of person I am. There are some questions you wouldn't have expected. I say if you remain calm and have fun with it, you will do well. My advice would definitely follow ST@PSU. Be yourself. They have read your application. They know you can succeed in the program. They want to know more about you and what you're like as a person. You're not just gonna be reading texts and going to lectures your entire career, you will also be working with people. They want to know if you can genuinely interact with another person (which is probably why they have the patient interview as well). Ask questions as well! Get to know the program and the area as well as you can. Hope this helps!
  9. Adding on to this, make sure you know what questions you want to ask. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know the school and the faculty in depth. Get to know yourself well and what you can bring to the program. Don't sell yourself short because if you have an interview they definitely see something in you. The questions were traditional and the type you would expect. I believe mine were more situational based but they have read over your application and tailor the questions to you. While we weren't interviewing we were given a group presentation on the program and financial aid, met with some of the current students (we talked to them while others were interviewing) and given lunch and a campus tour.
  10. Albany is a solid school and the fact you were accepted means you were a very solid applicant. Congrats!
  11. I got my letter of acceptance yesterday. sGPA: 3.48 cGPA: 3.71 Bachelors in Cultural Anthropology GRE Verbal: 162 GRE Quantitative: 161 GRE Writing: 5.0 EMT experience: 1440 Shadowing: 76 with PAs, 4 with a CRNP, and 124 with DOs Volunteer: 332 LORs: 1 from a volunteer coordinator, 1 from a paramedic supervisor at work, and 1 from the paramedic I worked along side. If anyone wants any more info feel free to message me
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