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  1. @flyfish95 At least half of the class has been chosen so far based off of the Facebook group. There may be more that aren’t in the group. I think there are about 17 but don’t quote me exactly.
  2. Congrats to everyone accepted! I can't wait to meet you guys in May!
  3. @monicar They said that they would interview around 160 for the 30 seats. Also, congrats on the interview this week! Good luck to you!
  4. I don't know them personally, but one was accepted from the Oct. 2nd interview for sure. The other I am not sure. :)
  5. There are others who have been accepted that are not part of this forum. Still, I have only heard of 3 people being accepted. I wouldn't freak out yet as I believe the majority of applicants will find out in December.
  6. @lgfraz I submitted my application the last week in May and received notification June 2nd that my application was complete and under committee review. I was emailed about a prerequisite on July 17th. Last, I was invited to interview on September 22nd for Oct. 23rd. It definitely took some time for me. Hope this helps!
  7. Good luck to everyone interviewing tomorrow and Friday! I know you guys will do great. Stay calm and enjoy the process. If you are traveling, stay safe! Have fun guys!
  8. I did not receive a conformation once I confirmed my spot. We were sent some information about a week before our interview with an itinerary.
  9. Hey guys, I interviewed at the Sept. 14-15th session. I found out on Thursday Sept. 28th that I was accepted!! I can not contain my excitement. I'd be happy to answer any questions. I don't check the forum often but send me a personal me and I will get back with you guys. Good luck to all of you and be patient! There is still quite a bit of time left in the cycle and anything is possible.
  10. I was just accepted and will be looking for a new laptop as well. I am in the same situation and do not plan to use a macbook unless it is highly suggested. I also like the microsoft surface mainly because of the versatility. This is what my program suggests: Hardware Modern, network-aware operating system Windows 7 or above, Mac OS Mavericks or above WiFi Wireless network capability 802.11n is strongly recommended Sound capable with headphone jack At least one USB port Long life battery* Printer Software Malware protection Current, fully-patched operating system Anti-virus software installed and up to date Anti-spyware software installed and up to date Modern, standards-compliant Web browser Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, or Opera are good choices. Standards-based email client Must be capable of accessing campus email. Some students may wish to use the campus email exclusively. Standard "run time" environment for Java programs Software to read/write Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats Ability to read PDF files * Laptop batteries have a limited life span. It is very common for students to experience less than one hour battery life. This is a sign that the battery is old and should be replaced. Given the length of the school day, we strongly encourage students to replace old, failing batteries; and invest in a second spare battery. The Lithium ion (LiON) battery type is preferred.
  11. @andy102 Congrats on your interview and I'm glad you found the forum! See you on the 23rd!
  12. @adorsey Hey, congrats and good luck! The interview was pretty fun! I don't think there is a good way to prepare. Just be yourself and answer honestly. The evaluaters will ask follow up questions to keep the conversation going if necessary. I think everyone in our group went to dinner. I definitley recommend it, plus you have to eat anyway!
  13. Hey guys, I just wanted to update you and let you know that I have given up my interview seat and will no longer be considering UTMB. I greatly hope that this benefits someone in which this is school is your top choice. Good luck to everyone interviewing, and to those waiting just be patient, maybe someone will get an interview invite today since I have given up mine. I will check back in to see if you have questions, I will be happy to answer!
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