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  1. Does anyone have any recommendations for study methods in PA school? I currently use a MacBook but I have considered getting an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to use for free writing on notes. Trying to make sure it will be worth the money though. Do any current students have recommendations? Thanks!
  2. Can someone remind me where official transcripts should be sent/who they should be made out to? Just want to make sure I have the right address Edit- never mind found it directly on the website lol
  3. Yeah I cant even login to do this stuff. So I'm just really confused!
  4. It does say employees... I never did that. If I remember correctly I thought that email was a mistake but maybe not?? Hopefully its okay. I guess I will go see if it lets me do it now.
  5. I think there might have been some stuff. I can't remember. I just remember them saying to do the FAFSA at the interview and thats all I remember lol
  6. Does anyone know when the Facebook page will be made? I think that will be helpful for a lot of us
  7. Me too! Hoping they make it soon so we can interact because it sounds like a lot of people will be going to look for housing in January!
  8. How far in advance are people going to be looking for housing around Midland?
  9. Thank you everyone! I definitely need to change how I am studying. I am going to go talk to my professor now- I treated this class a little more like an anatomy class where I read through it once or twice but try to conceptualize the material and just really understand the process. Learning there is no process in bich. all memorization
  10. I did really horrible on my first exam. And I need tips on how to get through this class. Help.
  11. Well how exciting for you all. They're getting back to people quickly! Congratulations again!!
  12. Congratulations everyone!! @imrmaknojia @htxPA2018 @dmg1996 when did you guys interview?? @glamb11 I am so sorry, I hope that good news comes your way. Stay positive.
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