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  1. I know it feels like an eternity when you're waiting on an answer. Hang in there!
  2. Best of luck to everyone who interviewed! Have any of you heard back yet?
  3. Well, I got the call today, too! Happy to be joining the Class of 2020 in May! Praying for those who have yet to hear anything!
  4. @alakait open file, there were several times when they would say "I see here that blah blah," so know what you've submitted because they may ask you about something on your app!
  5. Good luck to everyone interviewing next week! I think the consensus about the interviews today (from the few applicants I talked to afterward) was that we had pretty laid back and friendly interviews. The best advice I got beforehand was to know myself. Just reflect on who you are, your goals, what you want from a career and why you want to be a physician assistant. Good luck, guys! Fingers crossed for those of us who just have to wait now!
  6. Wow, that's awesome that they're working so well with you guys from OOS. I also love the small class sizes at USA, and I have heard about the faculty doing a phenomenal job at helping each student succeed. I'm more excited than I am nervous about the interview. I'll definitely let you know if I've got any other questions!
  7. Hey! Thanks so much for offering to help us out. Something I would like to know is why South stood out to you. What made their program unique and desirable to you?
  8. I didn't receive the email that USA had received my verified application and that it was under review until 10/6. My application was actually verified at the last second (9/29). I don't think that your submission time has anything to do with your status (of course unless you didn't meet the verification deadline).
  9. I want to say that they send out invitations in multiple waves, but I'm not certain.
  10. I also got an email at 4:30 today, interview on 11/3!
  11. I noticed the "we'll send out invitations to interview starting in September" thing, too. I think it's an email they used for the last cycle and it's just a little off for this cycle, since the deadline changed. So anxious!
  12. Just received the email yesterday that my application is officially under review. Good luck everyone!
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