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  1. thanks everyone! it was yesterday and it was just shadowing, no patient care!
  2. I am a new grad and have been offered a "working interview". Does anyone know what this entails? I have a license but it's not fully active until i submit a SP. Not to mention I dont have malpractice coverage so I am assuming I shouldn't see patients? what about taking a history but not doing PE?
  3. Hey just an update that I will finish whatever PS are in my inbox and then I am going to have to take a break! I am getting burnt out! Sorry and hope I helped those that I replied to
  4. I emailed you .Thanks

  5. anyone is welcome to email! just a heads up: I have been getting a LOT of requests so it may take me 2-3 days to get back to you!
  6. yep I am still helping! it may take me a day or two but send to recentpagrad@gmail.com
  7. Tbh it wasn’t bad! Found out today I passed! Just keep doing what you’re doing and as long as you’re passing EORs and do decent on packrat you’ll be fine!
  8. Ill email yall! anyone else, i just made a gmail for this: recentpagrad@gmail.com
  9. Aside from what others have said, I really think that WHERE you apply matters. I am not familiar with most of those schools, but when I applied I created a spreadsheet of school, location, tuition, and then all the average stats for matriculating students. I then chose 15 to apply to that were seemingly within reach.
  10. I think a lot of it depends what kind of family support you have. Having a dog in didactic was fine- a good break from studying, excuse to exercise. However, our school sent us all over for rotations so for some of them I had to find somewhere to stay (rotation was 4+hours from my apartment). In that case, my dog went to my parents for that rotation block. Not sure how someone could swing it without similar support.
  11. Hey all, I am a recent graduate with some time off between boards and starting a job. If anyone is looking for help with a personal statement I would be happy to help. I applied and got into multiple schools my first cycle (2016) and I think it was mostly due to my PS.
  12. I just graduated and this is describes my experience perfectly. IDK if your program does the packrat, but we did it at the end of didactic and end of clinical. I improved significantly so I definitely learned throughout clinical year, but EOR questions are just harder than didactic IMO. I take the PANCE next week
  13. i made an excel spreadsheet with lots of factors: location, cost, pance, average gpa accepted/avg hours/avg GRE, program start date & length I personally wanted to start ASAP so was more inclined to jan start programs
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